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HIPAA Compliant Digital Fax
for Healthcare
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2024 Overview

HIPAA Compliant Digital Fax

2024 OpenText RightFax Overview

RightFax Fax Server: Advanced Fax Software
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Intelligent Document Processing

RightFax Fax Server: Advanced Fax Software
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Intelligent Document Processing

Secure Digital Fax Solutions

for Healthcare .

Advantage Technologies brings together the most trusted digital fax solutions on the market for secure, timely, and reliable document delivery. 

HIPAA Compliant Fax Solutions

Securely Transmit Confidential Data

Monitoring & Alerting for RightFax

Monitoring and Error Detection for RightFax

Intelligent Document Processing

Automatically Triage & Process Inbound Faxes

Hosted Fax

Remove Costly Maintenance of RightFax System

Everything You Need to Know About Intelligent Document Processing

In these featured articles, learn how our intelligent document processing solution provides healthcare organizations with the tools to revolutionize the way faxed documents are triaged and processed

The Future of Fax is Here: RightFax 23.4

Faxing has never been so efficient.

The latest release of OpenText™ RightFax™, RightFax CE 23.4 is packed with new features, functionality and integrations designed to simplify your environment, expand MFP support and improve the overall administrative and user experience.

What's New in RightFax 23.4?

Everything you need to know about the latest enhancements to  RightFax 23.4

System Requirements: RightFax 23.4

Minimum + recommended environments for RightFax 23.4

User & Administrator Guides

Resources on all of the Connectors and Add-Ons in RightFax 23.4

Webinar: What's New in RightFax 23.4

Join the experts for an in-depth discussion on what’s new

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