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The Market-leading Fax Server and Automated Electronic Document Delivery Solution


Streamline healthcare and EMR workflows to increase productivity.


Provide encrypted and tamper resistant document delivery.


Expedite and secure document processing for students and staff.


Leverage secure cloud faxing to increase IT agility and efficiency.

Add-on Modules

Meet the needs of your organization, both great and small.


Integrate your MFP devices or global MFP fleet with RightFax.

Cloud Faxing Made Easy

Enterprise organizations can simplify digital faxing with state-of-the-art cloud faxing, providing powerful document delivery security and unmatched reliability.

Quick Start Guide

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Integrating Workflow Solutions

With automated document delivery, our workflow solutions can help easily automate transitional processes that must support both paper and electronic information with a flexible router client that enables employees to view inbound documents and perform indexing, validation or workflow tasks, as well as complete complex actions.

Simplify Internal Processes

Maximize the availability of critical documents by transmitting them as electronic documents and allowing for immediate access to the latest information.

Increased Efficiency

Automate and streamline incoming document routing and processing of critical documents with a complete audit-trail of accessed documents.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Reduce the number of misplaced faxes and errors by indexing and categorizing inbound documents by branch queues and document type.

Maximize Productivity

Focus your team on critical customer service and business growth, and retain valuable employees by automating your fax workflow and integration processes.

Benefit from an intelligent, fully automated workflow solution that lets you process and deliver business-critical documents from a wide variety of back-end systems.

Monitoring & Alerting for Fax Workflows

FaxPulse Business Intelligence

The most powerful analytics and monitoring engine for RightFax, FaxPulse features expanded metrics and monitors to give you deeper insight into your RightFax engine.

FaxPulse gives organizations the ability to easily view and understand channel usage, fax conversion processing, peak fax periods, identify chronic fax errors and helps with understanding the overall health of the RightFax system.


Advantage Professional Services & Support

Advantage Technologies is the proven leader for RightFax support and professional services. We are one of the few OpenText partners that has maintained the high standards necessary to be recognized as a RightFax Authorized Support Provider (ASP).

Next-Level Customer Support
Our U.S.-based and staffed helpdesk team can provide you and your end users with professional and immediate help desk support without the costly overhead.

Fax Workflow Experts
We’ll work with you to design streamlined workflows that automate your document delivery processes for a boost in employee productivity.

Development Services
We take the time to get to know not only your project, but your organization, to suggest the right development services to accomplish your goals.

Proven Technologies
Our experts will work with your team to recommend proven technologies that will aid in automating and transforming your fax-critical workflows.

Choose Advantage Technologies as your RightFax support partner and trust our Professional Services team with all your RightFax installations and upgrades to ensure that your project is a success. 

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