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A Large Southwestern County Modernizes Its Extensive Fax Infrastructure
A large county in the southwestern United States leveraged the market-leading fax server solution, OpenText RightFax, to move their existing fax workflows to the cloud.

A southwestern County government decided to upgrade their outdated IT infrastructure, with a focus on deploying all possible systems to the Cloud. Fax was a critical communication tool used for exchanging information with local residents and other organizations. The county government knew any strategic move to the Cloud would need to include an upgrade to their current fax systems, so they turned to Advantage Technologies to design and implement a Cloud-hosted OpenText RightFax solution to improve staff efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The outdated manual fax infrastructure was found to be the culprit for many complaints from staff and residents. Frequently, critical contracts, licenses and other documents would run into a busy signal or be unintentionally sent to the wrong destination, delaying the processing of those documents for up to eleven days. With training staff difficult to do on some of the more complicated functions of their existing fax machines, many document workflows were left inefficient and bogged down with a mix of manual and digital processes.

As the County considered their needs and evaluated options, they chose OpenText RightFax, the market-leading fax server, through Advantage Technologies as their preferred fax server solution. To deploy their new RightFax system, the county selected Amazon’s AWS for its powerful and well-known high-availability infrastructure.

Utilizing the Powerful Cloud Capabilities of RightFax deployed with AWS 

RightFax, together with AWS, allowed the County to centralize its document workflows and utilize its advanced fax security options. System administrators were able to maintain easy control over the entire infrastructure and could focus on other high priorities such as application stability instead of maintaining a complex physical network.

While migrating parts of their infrastructure to the Cloud, all fax numbers were ported successfully to an internet telephony service provider (ITSP) which connected their Cloud-deployed RightFax system to the public telephony network. RightFax was integrated with existing MFPs, internal applications and Microsoft Office 365, simplifying tasks that require faxing. Now as the County population grows and its services and departments are expanded, their scalable RightFax system can grow with them.

Utilizing the add-ons and modules for RightFax provided the County with advanced security options including end-to-end fax protection and the ability to provide tamper resistant delivery options. High Availability and Disaster Recovery modules, combined with AWS, helped reduce the single points of failure present in their system. Now, should any single segment fail, they can still transmit faxes.

New System, Better Workflows, Less Headaches
One of the key challenges the County faced with its previous fax setup was that it was difficult and time-consuming to send a fax. Staff would spend several minutes standing next to the office fax machine waiting for a confirmation report or to resend a failed fax.

RightFax centralized administration and allowed staff to send and receive faxes directly from their County email accounts with the MailToFax Connector for RightFax. They could also use FaxUtil, the RightFax web application, FaxUtil Web, where they could view the status of the fax. Faxes could be sent in real time with just a few clicks and training new staff on the full fax functionality of the new system was a breeze.

When they need to scan and fax a document, they can do so from the centralized department MFP knowing that it would arrive safely at its intended destination without the risk of being intercepted by unauthorized users.

As an added benefit, all of the county’s incoming faxes now receive OCR processing from the RightFax Searchable PDF Module and are automatically indexed and turned into searchable documents. This allows all employees to quickly find work orders, contracts and other official correspondence without having to request that it be resent or having to sort through walls of filing cabinets to find the physical document.

Moving Forward with Continued Support
RightFax is a tested and approved product for government organizations, which enabled the county and its internal team to quickly receive approval and begin implementation with the help of Advantage Technologies.

Leveraging RightFax meant the county was able to maintain its existing integrations while improving the security and reliability of its fax workflows. Now, staff can send faxes with ease and the county can utilize the advanced faxing tools to help better accomplish their internal goals and provide improved service to the county’s population with continuing support from Advantage.

To learn how RightFax can help your government organization benefit from robust security and flexibility, all from the comfort of the Cloud, reach out to our experts today.

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