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Adopting a Cloud First strategy, why not include print?

For most companies, the print infrastructure is a source of constant headaches. Print infrastructures typically have onsite servers that maintain the print queues. You can have hundreds of print queues depending on the different printer types you may be using. Then you need to ensure that every user has access to these print queues, and has the necessary drivers installed locally to communicate with these queues. This process is typically done at every location you have, with no global control. Being able to simplify, and streamline this, even a little bit, would be an IT dream come true.

With a cloud first strategy, most IT services have already been moved to the cloud; such as Office 365, SharePoint, Azure AD etc. What is often left behind is your print infrastructure. Many companies are under the false impression that they cannot securely move this environment, or that it would cause a massive upheaval to their users and the way they print.

So, the question is, how can you accomplish this?

The answer is Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP).

HCP is a true cloud-based Document Management solution that eliminates the need for print servers. While decommissioning these servers you are able to easily migrate your entire print environment to the cloud. Regardless of your cloud location, your own private cloud, or a hosted cloud, with HCP your print-jobs will stay safely behind your firewall and only the central management and set-up will be controlled via the cloud. Ensuring all your data remains in your control and secure.

Your other pain point “print-drivers” will also be resolved, HCP includes a single print driver which supports all printers and MFP’s. To include full support for all extended attributes offered by the print devices.

Once you have decommissioned these  print-servers, you are able to recoup the funds needed to maintain Microsoft licenses, hardware, maintenance of drivers, print-queues etc., resulting in significant savings.

Implementation is simple and painless, you no longer will be struggling with print-drivers, print queues etc. and all management will be done in a central interface, either by yourself or outsourced to your preferred partner. You will notice that the folks on the service desk suddenly have a lot more time on their hands, to focus on more business-critical items.

An amazing ROI of 6-12 month is the typical feedback we see, so what’s holding you back from unplugging your print-servers and including them in your Cloud first strategy?

Contact us now to discuss how Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) can help you or find more information on

Written by: Roy Neckling, CEO, EveryonePrint A/S

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