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Being Lazy is Good for IT Professionals

When I started my career as a programmer, one of my Project Manager’s had a mantra, “A good programmer is a lazy programmer, as he will always try to have the machine do the task for him”. That is the essence of the IT and digital world we are living in, having machines do the repetitive tasks that we don’t like to do, removing many manual steps and having it done repeatedly with accuracy.

As an IT professional we are faced every day with a new opportunity to automate annoying tasks, so we jump into any scripting language that we know and spend a few minutes programming the routine that will make our life easier; that’s the one click or one command syndrome, the reward to our laziness that turns us into a cool guy who does the job quickly and properly.

Since the beginning of my programming career, on the most famous computer of that time, the IBM 36 mini-computer, I was assigned tasks to automate processes for end users. Regardless of the environment, there was always a reason to make the user’s life easier with a ‘button press’ solution to their daily business needs and routine.

Since these early days, I’ve evolved into different positions, followed IT trends and innovations, but I was always challenged at some point with the need to create or follow a process that looked too cumbersome and convoluted that I was always trying to figure out how to simplify and make it dead simple.

Nowadays, in the smartphone era, everyone can jump to a software store, do a search, tap an icon and have a new app up and running on his device in a couple of minutes. In the IT world, where people have to install and maintain business applications, that’s not always that simple, and our partners and customers are facing many roadblocks before they have their enterprise software solution installed, setup and running.

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