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Benefits of Fax Servers Using FoIP
Organizations adopting an IP telephony environment may further streamline their messaging infrastructure and enhance the benefits of their existing fax server by enabling it to support FoIP. Some of the benefits include:

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate fax machines and associate expenses (phone lines, paper, long distance charges, etc.)
  • Reduce maintenance costs by consolidating voice, fax, and data on a single network • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings due to network consolidation
  • Lower labor costs by automating labor intensive business processes that involve generating, sending and receiving invoices, purchase orders, loan applications, order confirmations, and other transactional documents
  • Lower energy costs using software-enabled FoIP in virtual environments
    Support enterprise server virtualization initiatives with 100% software solutions enabled by appliance gateways


  • Increase efficiency with smart process flows for creating, receiving, routing, reviewing, and approving documents
  • Bolster efficiencies associated with managing consolidated network equipment that supports VoIP and FoIP


  • Use software-only solutions, boarded, or combination FoIP solutions depending on an organization’s needs
  • Scale fax server with additional channels, capacity, and integrations to meet evolving document delivery needs

Interoperability & Compatibility

  • Push consistent fax solution throughout the entire network including remote locations
  • Strengthen investments made on IP equipment that interoperate with the fax server
  • Minimize downtimes

This is part one of a three part white paper series.

To download the full series, click the link below.

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