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Building Secure Communications in Remote Work Environments
Securing internal and external communications is more important than ever as organizations determine whether to implement the option of working from home on an as-needed basis or to permanently shift the majority of their employees to a remote work environment. No matter which scenario your organization finds itself in, RightFax has many deployment and workflow options to ensure your document delivery infrastructure is as secure and efficient as possible.

Optimizing Fax Workflows in a Remote Work Environment

Supporting communications between workforces that are a mix of remote, office-based, and even mobile staff can be complicated, but it also represents a significant opportunity to rebuild workflows so that they are more efficient and resilient to the threats that impact your business every day.

RightFax is the market-leading on-premise, hybrid or cloud enterprise fax server solution that turns faxes into part of an electronic workflow, easily eliminating manual data entry errors through automated data importation all while improving information security.

Everything you need for a seamless transition to a virtual or hybrid work environment is available with RightFax including:

  • Encrypting faxes at-rest and in-flight for increased document security.
  • Increasing compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS and others.
  • Modernizing your faxing and infrastructure with Cloud deployment options.
  • Integrating with back-end systems and applications to automate fax workflows.
  • Connecting your devices by integrating with a single MFP or a global MFP fleet.
  • Efficiently turning static, paper documents into dynamic content in a digital workflow.

Adapting to the new Normal

One of the greatest benefits that RightFax can offer for future growth is its flexibility to enable secure faxing for your entire remote, office-based or mobile workforce by allowing users to send faxes directly from their desktop computer or EMR, where they can immediately receive confirmation reports. 

RightFax also integrates with a variety of third-party applications including Outlook, SAP®, Microsoft Active Directory®, as well as leading electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) solutions and other key tools to streamline workflows.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery is available for on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments to ensure your ability to send & receive documents is there when you need it letting you rest easy knowing your fax infrastructure is secure even in uncertain times.

Data Capture Workflows

For organizations looking towards the future growth of their document delivery workflows, the increased efficiency and reduced human error that RightFax offers can greatly contribute to the success of your digital transformation initiatives.

RightFax 20.2 can “read” faxes for you, extract information, ascertain what it is, and shunt it to the appropriate applications, locations and fields automatically, enabling your Workflows to thrive in virtually any work environment.

The Workflows feature in RightFax 20.2 can help streamline your document processing by:

  • Allowing for workflow exceptions to accommodate unexpected errors, typos, and data.
  • Maximizing resource efficiency by assigning specific employees to specific workflows.
  • Capturing data easily by transforming fax information into transactional data.
  • Preventing more than one user from editing a fax at the same time with fax locking.

RightFax Hosted in the Cloud

If you are worried about requiring your staff to go onsite to maintain your infrastructure for an on-premises fax server, there’s a faster, easier option. Digital fax is available via the secure Cloud—no onsite resources required.

Moving your fax infrastructure to the Cloud can help your organizations:

  • Streamline server management and increase the agility and efficiency of your document delivery workflows.
  • Maintain their existing integrations with your back-office applications and MFPs.
  • Eliminate on-premise telephony and transmit faxes via one of our certified T.38 cloud fax providers.


While remote work environments are not new, recent events have encouraged organizations to shift their workforce into new configurations which in turn is shifting how business critical documents reach their intended recipients. If your organization is looking to increase its workflow efficiency and document security while also integrating Hybrid and Pure Cloud fax options, reach out to a RightFax expert today for a demo.

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