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Choosing a Fax Solution Deployment Model | RightFax Fax Server

There is a lot of talk in the marketplace about enterprise software deployment models: on-premises, cloud, hybrid, managed/hosted. The conversation is an important one for every enterprise as they consider enterprise applications. But one size does not fit all. Your organization may be willing to put some applications in the cloud but require others be on-premises. Hybrid applications are gaining popularity, but must be evaluated against your business requirements.

This is true for enterprise fax solutions as well. One size does not fit all, and all models have different benefits. As a leader in enterprise fax solutions, OpenText recommends organizations deploy a mix of on-premises and cloud-based fax solutions to achieve the best return on investment. Fortunately, OpenText offers market leading solutions regardless of the deployment model you choose.

This white paper isn’t about choosing a specific fax solution product – but how to establish your criteria for evaluating deployment options. Easy to follow tables will allow you to build a criteria list of your organization’s requirements and needs.

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Click below to learn how you can build a criteria list of your organization’s requirements and needs.

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