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Communicate between EMRs with RightFax

The world is digitally evolving. Information- and access to that information- is at your fingertips. The health industry is no exception. EHRs and EMRs are the digital technology that is improving the quality and convenience of patient care. However, communicating and sharing protected health information (PHI) across disparate applications and with different providers can be problematic. How can you share both electronic and paper records in an efficient and secure manner between disparate systems?

RightFax and EMRs/EHRs

OpenText RightFax, the market-leading network fax software has a long-standing history of being the fax server of choice for a variety of healthcare information systems (HIS). For existing paper-based records yet to be digitized, RightFax supports faxing from Multi-Function Printers (MFPs). For electronic records, many organizations choose to setup faxing directly from their EMR or EHR eliminating the need to print records while keeping a complete audit trail of sent information. The types of faxing that might be done from within EMR/EHR systems include:

  • Share PHI for patient care coordination
  • Health Information Management faxing, such as legal medical records
  • Faxing prescriptions
  • Faxing referral or thank you letters to physicians
  • Faxing result notifications
  • Transcriptions, including letters


Improve productivity and security

  • Extend existing platforms and applications with RightFax to eliminate error-prone, time consuming and inefficient manual processes
  • Automate delivery, receipt, and tracking of sent and received patient information
  • Lower the cost of paper, toner, file storage, fax machines and fax machine maintenance

Improve HIPAA compliance

  • Increase confidence that sensitive health information reaches its intended recipient with notifications and options for encrypted and certified delivery
  • Centralize communications hub for protected health information
  • Enable audit trail of sent and received faxes

Enhance patient services levels

  • Improve health information tracking and storage
  • Accelerated scheduling, follow up, and claims processing

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