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Data Protection in the Healthcare Industry

Last year, Verzion conducted a research study to find out the motives for data breaches in various industries—healthcare was one of them. According the research report, data breaches in the healthcare industry were more like to be the result of human errors such as stolen assets, miscellaneous errors, mishandling PHI or privilege misuse. Most data breach incidents, 32 percent, were the result of the latter. What should be a major concern for any healthcare organization is the fact that most incidents were discovered by the customer or an auditor, which could mean serious risk exposure that can lead to costly civil penalties and even criminal consequences. There are two key ways healthcare organizations can ensure their data is protected and in compliance with regulatory requirements including HIPAA. The first is simple: educate staff on what their obligations are regarding complying with regulations and policies. The other is to adopt technologies that strengthen the ability to comply with and enforce policies.

Many healthcare organizations are transitioning from traditional stand-alone faxing to more modern, electronic document delivery technologies such as RightFax. RightFax is an automated fax server that operates similarly to an email server by allowing users to send and receive documents from various sources via telephone connection or the cloud.

Healthcare organizations choose RightFax because it helps to eliminate errors associated with manual faxing and enables the delivery of encrypted files via secure email to fax with certified delivery. It also integrates with most vertical applications and EMR systems while leveraging your current infrastructure. RightFax serves to increase data protection, aid compliance efforts, and reduce exposure to risk.

For more information on how RightFax integrates with healthcare EMR systems and improves PHI data protection, email or call 866.730.1700 to chat with one of our experts.

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