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Encrypt Confidential Documents with the RightFax Encryption Module

Data breaches are on the rise. Internal breaches and external threats leaves your private information at risk. It is critical now more than ever to have your data encrypted if your organization is constantly exchanging protected information. If you send faxes with confidential information, such as health records and contracts, then you need the RightFax Encryption module.

The RightFax Encryption Module is a brand new, optional module, made available in RightFax 10.6. This module adds an additional layer of security by preventing any unauthorized viewing of fax images in the RightFax Image Directory. The RightFax Encryption Module was featured in one of our recent blog posts, ‘Top 5 Modules You May Not Know About’.

The RightFax Encryption Module adds an additional layer of protection for fax images by:

  • Encrypting both inbound and outbound fax images while they are stored in the RightFax Image Directory.
  • Encrypts all data at rest with TripleDES 192-bit security
  • Tracking and recording all access for audit purposes

The RightFax Encryption Module is perfect for:

  • Anyone exchanging protected or sensitive information such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS
  • Anyone seeking an extra layer of protection of fax images and content
  • Anyone with internal data breach concerns

Please view this PDF to read more about the RightFax Encryption Module.

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