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Fax is still a Major Factor in Communications!

Despite the success of email, fax is still very high in demand. Many organizations, especially those in the healthcare industry, are implementing RightFax as their fax server solution. RightFax provides a secure and cost effective way to manage fax and document distribution, and can integrate with:

  • Nearly all Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, systems
  • Email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes
  • Multi-Function Printers included HP, Xerox, Lexmark and others

Furthermore, healthcare organizations demand that faxes have page by page confirmations as well as an official time and date stamp. RightFax can easily provide you with a full audit trail to track every fax  transmission. Many organizations choose to leverage their existing internet connection with Fax over IP (FoIP)  for ther fax transmissions. Fax over IP can offer many benefits, such as:

  • Cost savings by ridding of dedicated fax T1/PRI lines
  • Pay for actual usage
  • Virtulized fax environment without the need of a fax board

Our strategic partnership with babyTEL, a leader in Fax over IP, allows our customers to save time and money with their certified T.38 SIP Trunking. Along with babyTEL’s a patented AES 260 fax encryption, you can be sure that health records being transmitted over the Internet remain completely private and protected, while remaining HIPAA compliant.

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