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Faxing Saves the Day

As you may have heard, Sony experienced a hack to their network and email system. Sony employees were not able to use their email – which led to the use of phone calls, handwritten notes, and of course, faxing, to communicate. If you think faxing is old and outdated, think again. Faxing saves the day at Sony.

Among these alternatives, fax is the most reliable and secure as it is a point to point communication that is very difficult to intercept. An electronic fax can go from one party to the other, safely and securely. If you need to communicate something sensitive, we suggest you FAX it.

Is your organization prepared for a situation where email is down? Contact us today to learn about the different RightFax on-premise and cloud options.

RightFax is a reliable, robust, easy to use, enterprise fax software solution. RightFax allows companies to combine fax, email, and internet technologies, as well as document recognition for document delivery/archival needs. RightFax can help strengthen your infrastructure, reduce costs, increased support for VoIP/FoIP fail over, as well as enhanced reporting for better control, audit trail, security, and compliance.

With numerous add-on modules, RightFax can easily be integrated with many of your current MFPs and applications (such as Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Sharepoint to name a few).

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