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RightFax FaxUtil – Administrators Receive “Access Denied” Error | RightFax Fax Server


FaxUtil – Administrators receive “Access Denied” error when attempting to open faxes in other user accounts.



When logging in to FaxUtil with an administrator account, you are able to view the list of faxes in other
users’ folders, but receive the following error message when you attempt to view open any of the faxes:
“Access Denied. If you are a delegate of this user, please request that the delegator grant you this



1. Log on to Enterprise Fax Manager using another administrator account.

2. Edit the user account that is having this problem.

3. On the Permissions tab, place a check mark in the Administrator can bypass privacy restrictions checkbox.

The Administrator can bypass privacy restrictions option gives users that have the Administrative Access option selected the additional ability to view faxes in other users’ mailboxes. Only an administrator that has this permission enabled can grant this permission to other users.

Warning: If you uncheck the Administrator can bypass privacy restrictions checkbox on all administrator accounts, you will lose the ability to enable this option in any user account. For this reason, you should always ensure there is at least one account with this option enabled. If you have disabled this option on all user accounts  you can no longer enable this setting for any users, please contact Advantage Technologies Support for a workaround.

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