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Federal Agencies Can Take Their Fax Infrastructure into the Future.
Federal Agencies can migrate an on-premises fax system to a Cloud-deployed solution enabling them to benefit from advanced faxing functionality.

For Federal Agencies wanting to migrate and modernize their communication infrastructure by deploying it to the Cloud there are a series of complex choices that should be made. As fax remains one of the most trusted and secure forms of sending and receiving documents, agencies understand how critical it is that they be able to continue to rely on faxes to communicate sensitive operation-critical information such as case files, field reports and internal correspondence. While some methods of communication have clear Cloud migration paths, such as moving email to Office 365, fax systems require different considerations and planning.

The legacy fax system that many agencies may continue to use consists of a web of outdated fax machines, fax servers and phone lines. Documents that are received from internal offices, other federal agencies or localized security services can frequently encounter busy signals or are sent to the wrong destination, potentially exposing sensitive information. Employees may also have to print important documents in order to fax them and sometimes accidentally leave them exposed in paper trays, accessible to anyone who happens to walk by.

Advantage Technologies helps governmental agencies perform comprehensive fax audits and recommends solutions that address the agency’s Cloud mandate and fax security needs. Advantage helps integrate OpenText RightFax, the market-leader in digital fax solutions, with their preferred Cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services, to get the agency on the right track. In addition to expanding control of their fax infrastructure, RightFax keeps an agency’s faxes from sitting out in the open, exposed to unauthorized eyes, and delivers the encrypted, digitized documents to the correct user, department inbox or group folder on the first try. Deploying RightFax in the Cloud, instead of relying on physical fax servers, allows the agencies to securely expand the functions available to their employees by integrating seamlessly with the back-office applications and email clients they already use every day.

Faxes Securely Delivered Through the Cloud

With the help of Advantage, agencies are able to implement their new fax software solution with their preferred Cloud-hosting service. Deploying a fax system in the Cloud can help agencies eliminate any single points of failure in their infrastructure that could have previously brought the workflows within the agency to a halt. They can benefit from the extensive built-in redundancies of RightFax deployed into the Cloud that prevent system outages and downtime.

Multiple Methods for Sending & Receiving Faxes Increases Productivity
Following a full implementation of a new enterprise cloud fax system, agencies can quickly begin experiencing a more streamlined document workflow and reduced processing times. Faxes can be delivered securely through encrypted channels, using the RightFax Secure FoIP Module. Faxes can also be routed to MFPs, fax inboxes, email inboxes, network folders or entire departments. Inbound faxes can receive OCR processing through the RightFax Searchable PDF Module which turns them into easily searchable and sortable documents. Employees will no longer have to wait at their fax machine or go searching through the department for time-sensitive documents.

RightFax expands the outbound faxing functionality available to an agency’s employees. Employees can send faxes directly from their email accounts using the MailToFax Connector for RightFax. Documents can now be attached to an email in a variety of formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, or HTML and sent to one or more fax numbers directly from Microsoft Outlook. Employees can also use the RightFax web application, FaxUtil Web, to securely send, receive and track faxes.

After implementing a new RightFax solution, federal agencies and their employees can experience less downtime as well as significant increases in productivity and improvements to the overall security of the information transmitted and processed every day. Deployment can be carried out smoothly throughout the organization with the help of GSA certified Advantage Technologies. Should an agency need to expand their fax system they can do so knowing they won’t lose any of the flexibility or functionality RightFax provides.

To learn more about how OpenText RightFax can help your agency align itself with the high information security standards of the Department of Defense, reach out to Advantage to talk to an expert today.

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