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How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt.1

OpenText RightFax, the premiere enterprise fax server solution is the preferred choice for a variety of healthcare information systems (HIS). Using these systems, healthcare professionals are able to develop a secure way of electronically transferring confidential patient information. Through universal Multi-Function Printer (MFPs) integration, RightFax supports faxing paper-based documents. Utilizing electronic records, many organizations integrate RightFax directly with their EMRs or EHRs–eliminating the need for standalone fax machines while maintaining privacy compliance with a complete audit trail information. EMRs/EHRs systems using RightFax can:

  • Share PHI for patient care
  • Fax confidential information such as medical records, prescriptions, and letters
  • Receive faxing result notifications
  • Provide an audit trail for privacy compliance

Workflow Management

With RightFax, there’s no need for time-consuming manual faxing. With instant verification of document transmission/receipt with notification options and full audit trail, centralized control of faxing across the entire organization helps maximize productivity by giving employees the ability to manage faxes from virtually any desktop, CRM, and email application. RightFax has been integrated with many of the top EMR/EHR systems and are already able to use RightFax to send faxes. RightFax may also be setup to securely route received faxes containing patient information to get patient information into the right hands, eliminating the need for stand-alone fax machines and protecting information better than traditional fax machines.

With RightFax, faxes are no longer vulnerable to being seen or received by unintended recipients. Under the strict regulations of HIPAA and ARRA which govern how healthcare institutions must handle and store them, patient information is protected by law. If hospitals or medical providers are unable to produce or locate a requested patient document, they may be subject to fine or a risk the overall quality of patient care.


Pharmacy management within a large care facility can be a grueling task. Orders can come in from multiple nursing stations at various hours of the day and managing the delivery process within a specified time can be difficult. Many pharmacies may rely on antiquated technology which can make the problem worse.

Pharmacy and IT staff often envision a system where nurses can fax physician orders to a central processing location, have them separated and filed using their own internal system.

RightFax easily adapts to any Pharmacy environment through its flexibility and ability to be integrated with a variety of systems. Its focus on efficiency and ease of use allows for simple solutions to complex healthcare problems. With RightFax, pharmacists can focus on their core responsibilities without worrying about finding lost orders. With almost instant delivery, scanned orders now securely arrive within minutes and eliminates errors and delays regarding the overall order process.

RightFax helps organizations restructure themselves through secure healthcare document management. With a RightFax environment, pharmacies are able to:

  • Reduced paper related expenses such as paper, toner, and redundant fax machines
  • Protect valuable employee time by improving the Rx faxing ease of use
  • Provide a even greater ROI with enterprise level system integrations
  • Easier compliance with thorough audit trails and privacy controls
  • Increased security of all fax transmissions


RightFax provide solutions for Radiology Departments to improve processes, aid compliance efforts and provide higher quality patient care. RightFax solutions provide automated document-centric workflows to manage the life-cycle of medical documents and patient records. The integration of RightFax with healthcare information systems (HIS) and radiology information systems (RIS) streamlines document management and improves information availability for healthcare organizations. RightFax effectively improves existing process through the elimination of manual paper handling, insuring document security and aiding in HIPAA regulatory compliance.

RightFax Workflow for Radiology Departments

RightFax provides organizations with a complete workflow for radiology departments and other diagnostic imaging departments. Using RightFax, the market leading fax server, an organization can receive faxes containing physicians notes, physician referrals, or radiology reports in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner. RightFax workflow for radiology and other diagnostic imaging departments serves as an end-to-end solution by combining many features that help streamline processes and improve patient care, including:

  • Medical records archived and easily accessible for internal use
  • Authorized access from any workstation or Web portal
  • Security from unauthorized access throughout the entire process
  • Audit trails of all activity and processes
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