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How Faxing is used for Healthcare, Pt. 4

Increased EMR Efficiency with RightFax Integrations

RightFax has several programmable interfaces, including a Native C/C++ API, a COM API, a RESTful Web Services API, and the RightFax Integration Module. The first three are included with every RightFax edition, while the Integration Module is an Add-On to RightFax.

The question of which integration to use comes down to:

  • The requirements of the application integration. Is it, for example, for outbound faxing, processing received faxes, or user management?
  • You preferred programming mode. Does your team have developers? If so, are they more adept at Web application development, Java, Win32 API or .Net programming, or do you prefer a higher-level scripting model?
  • The environment you are connecting from. Many times integration a cloud or SaaS application will require a Web interface, or even FTP. Certain Mainframe and Unix systems can only communicate via a Print spooler.

RightFax Developer APIs

Native C/C++ API

This is essentially the same API the RightFax clients, FaxUtil and Enterprise Fax Manager (“EFM”) are built against. Although definitely more involved than the other interfaces, the Native API is extremely powerful; with it you can do almost anything you want within the realm of capability of your RightFax Server. The Native API is Windows-only.


The COM API is a subset of the Native API, allowing for programming to the most-used functions in RightFax, including sending and receiving faxes, basic user management, or even delegate management. The COM API is Windows-only.

Web Services API

The Web Services API relies on a website running on your RightFax Server. It enables Sending and Receiving of faxes via a RESTful interface. This API allows integration from almost any application that supports a web interface, or any programming environment or language that can implement a web interface. We have assisted with web integrations from Linux, Java, MS .Net, Powershell, and Python, to name a few.

RightFax Integration Module

This add-on module allows RightFax to send faxes from almost ANY application.

The Integration Module can be configured to send faxes based on the following:

  • “Inbox” Folder Monitor – where RighFax will monitor a specific network folder and process any jobs that are saved there
  • Printer Queues – where any print job will be sent as a fax
  • Or as an endpoint for any Java/XML API development

XML Generator

The RightFax XML Generator is an add-on module for the RightFax Server that outputs sent or received fax image files accompanied by XML (or CSV) metadata regarding the fax. These files can be imported into most Document Management or EMR systems. RightFax XML Generator is highly configurable, allowing for the transformation of metadata and image formats prior to outputting files to a specified network location.

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