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Hybrid Faxing with RightFax Connect

The Hybrid Faxing model provides you with the flexibility of a cloud faxing service and the reliability of an on-premise fax server. Gone is the necessity of having to connect and maintain your fax server’s connection to your telephone infrastructure. Busy signals, missed or delayed faxes are a thing of the past. What remains is RightFax’s capability to integrate fax into your existing workflows, whether that means faxing from a back-office application, email, or a multi-function printer.

In a Hybrid Faxing Model with RightFax Connect, your on-premise RightFax server remains in place, but instead of connecting to your telephone infrastructure, it connects to RightFax Connect via your existing IP network. The telephony portion of your fax server is outsourced to the cloud. This connection supports a number of secure communication protocols to protect your information, including VPN, TLS, HTTPS and IPSEC. RightFax Connect then handles the transmission of your faxes, and, with over twenty points of presence around the world, they will choose the most cost effective route to deliver your outbound faxes.

RightFax Connect can scale to fit your needs. If you have spikes in traffic, a hybrid system may be the perfect solution for you. You can send and receive large volumes of faxes without capacity constraints. If speed is a driving concern, RightFax Connect can be added to your existing system in a matter of hours or you could have a complete new installation in less than a
day. All this can be done while saving your organization money and time.

Call us now at (866) 730-1700 or email to discuss how a hybridsolution would fit your needs.

Click here for more information about RightFax Connect.

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