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Integrating eClinicalWorks with OpenText RightFax

As an automated electronic document delivery system, RightFax integrates with eClinicalWorks EMR to address the challenge of delivering medical records and other documents by automating document delivery from a variety of clinical and back-office applications, and organizing them for quick retrieval and archiving purposes. 

RightFax offers the latest enhancements in document delivery technology, including:

  HIPAA Compliance
Manage Protected Health Information (PHI) in a secure, reliable, and electronic format.

 MFP Integrations
Integrate MFP devices or a global MFP fleet with RightFax.

 Secure Faxing
Provide encrypted and tamper resistant document delivery.

 Flexible Integrations
Meet the needs of your organizations, both great and small.

By improving the quality and availability of fax, healthcare organizations can increase staff productivity and satisfaction while simultaneously improving revenue cycles by providing critical information more quickly and accurately.

Outbound Faxing with eClinicalWorks

For the end-user, sending a fax is completely seamless with RightFax API integration:

[Diagram] eClinicalWorks Outbound Flow Diagram

 The eClinicalWorks integration only requires that a RightFax user be created with a non-AD Authenticated username via the RightFax API.

 A RightFax Administrator will establish a connection to the RightFax API to process the outbound fax job and ensure delivery to the RightFax server where the fax will be sent.

The final status of the fax can be viewed within eClinicalWorks or in FaxUtil via delegate rights.

Inbound Faxing with eClinicalWorks

The RightFax server provides several methods for routing received faxes to their intended recipients in your healthcare organization. Inbound faxes are most commonly routed based on the fax number that received the fax, although there are many other methods available.

Bar Code Routing to fax bar codes that are automatically read and routed to a folder on a user’s network.

Smart Fax Distribution to route faxes to members of a group according to a member’s ability to process incoming faxes.

Direct Inward Dialing to route faxes based on the inbound fax number.

Security & Compliance

Using RightFax, healthcare organizations can secure the sharing of PHI by setting up faxing directly from eClinicalWorks–eliminating the need to print records while keeping a complete audit trail of sent information.

For many healthcare providers, RightFax is an essential part of their regulatory compliance regime because it provides a centralized communications hub and helps restrict access to PHI.

Offering certified and encrypted electronic document delivery options

Recording inbound and outbound faxes for a full audit trail

Providing tamper-resistant document delivery and receipt

RightFax also provides various security options to support compliance goals, including:

  Encryption Module
Prevent any and all unauthorized access to fax images by encrypting faxes at rest.

 Secure FoIP Channels
Protect yourself from internal and external threats by encrypting faxes while in motion.

 Shared Services Module
Allow multiple servers to share a single common database and distribute workloads across the servers.

 SQL Image Storage Module
Simplify your network environment and promote fax image high availability.


RightFax provides users with the ability to send, receive, and manage faxes from virtually all user-based desktop systems, including applications such as Microsoft® Office, any email application, and MFP devices to scan and send paper documents. 

Featuring pre-built integrations, RightFax can improve the speed and flow of your company’s vital information through business-critical fax and document distribution by providing a complete suite of integration tools, such as APIs, SDKs, and command languages. 

Below, find some of the most popular built-in software and APIs for RightFax integrations: 

  RightFax Web API
Allows integration from virtually any application that supports a web interface or any programming environment or language that can implement a web interface. 

  Connector for Microsoft Exchange
The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange enables users of the Exchange Server to conveniently send, receive, and manage faxes into Microsoft Outlook and fax from Outlook, and review the real-time fax status of a transmission. 

  Connector for SAP ERP
Use the certified RightFax Connector for SAP ERP to seamlessly integrate inbound and outbound faxes with SAP systems. The connector can also integrate RightFax faxing directly into SAPoffice. 

Next Steps 

Thousands of organizations depend on RightFax to provide robust configurability and flexible integrations that centralize their fax infrastructure, speed up their business processes, and increase the security of their fax transmissions. 

If your organization is looking to increase its workflow efficiency and document security, our RightFax experts can help you. Reach out to a RightFax & eClinicalWorks expert today to learn how you can integrate your eClinicalWorks EMR system with RightFax to allow for faster workflow processing and seamless patient servicing. 

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