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Integrating OpenText RightFax with EZ-CAP

Managed care organizations leveraging EZ-CAP often need a way to send and receive faxes that integrates into their existing systems. By leveraging the electronic document delivery tools available with RightFax, organizations can efficiently manage inbound and outbound faxes without the need to print the document. This enables them to incorporate important information securely into their workflows as soon as it arrives instead of the information waiting in a paper tray, exposed to passersby.

RightFax is the market-leading fax server solution for healthcare organizations that require a HIPAA compliant fax solution. EZ-CAP seamlessly integrates with RightFax using the RightFax Web API creating a secure and efficient method of faxing any document from email accounts, MFPs, and software like EZ-CAP.

[Diagram] EZ-CAP Inbound

Staff and administrators receive documents into an EZ-CAP folder on the organization’s network, allowing EZ-CAP to extract and quickly process incoming information. OpenText RightFax helps centralize the tools needed by health administrators to manage traffic on their network and ensure business critical documents are delivered to the correct location on the first try.

In order ensure a successful deployment, some technical requirements must be met including:

  • A virtual Windows Server that meets or exceeds requirements for installing RightFax
  • A T.38 SIP Trunk for each fax channel from a carrier that is authorized to bring T.38 SIP trunks into your environment

Integrating OpenText RightFax with EZ-CAP gives organizations the power to manage documents, health plans, benefits, and care more efficiently. Using RightFax as a digital fax solution reduces the amount of human error inherent in paper-based processes and makes sure that important information is delivered to the correct recipient the first time.

To learn more about integrating your EZ-CAP software with the HIPAA compliant fax server solution, RightFax, reach out to us today.

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