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IP Faxing Methods Supported by RightFax
RightFax offers flexibility when it comes to deploying FoIP. Organizations can choose software, or a combination of hardware and software solutions depending on individual requirements, making it easy for companies to leverage their IP infrastructure. Options include:

Considerations of software and hardware FoIP solutions

When considering FoIP communications as part of an organization’s RightFax strategy, there are some important factors to be taken into account when weighing the tradeoffs between traditional deployments using PSTN or those using an IP solution. One of the challenges is navigating the variety of possible configurations and topologies that might exist to support a wide range of individual environments. Another challenge is to understand the amount of extra equipment that may be required. FoIP-enabled routers, media gateways, and switches need to be considered right alongside fax servers and intelligent fax boards. Regardless of the challenge, each FoIP option comes with distinct advantages and benefits, each of which can fit an organization’s objectives for a smooth and successful deployment.

Setting up and deploying FoIP

RightFax uses transport service architecture (called DocTransport) to set up and deploy FoIP solutions. This DocTransport service can set up and configure software, or combination FoIP solutions. The licensing, setup, and configuration tools are built in to the DocTransport service, making FoIP easy to administer. For distributed environments, RightFax uses this transport architecture to set up either the hardware or software method to run remotely, whether a separate machine in the local data center or at a remote location. This can help serve redundancy schemes, load balancing, virtualization scenarios, or enable remote offices to send and receive faxes via IP. Scalability is available for both options too, with capacities ranging from two to 120 fax channels per server.

Virtualization—implementing a software-only FoIP solution

Software driven FoIP solutions provide many advantages, especially for those companies with virtualization strategies or those that are standardizing on an all IP infrastructure. RightFax uses Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 software to translate fax data from the fax server into real-time fax packets. Because it is software-based, companies can take advantage of virtualization for their RightFax fax server, using less server machines and leveraging existing infrastructure. In addition, because there are no fax boards, organizations can better serve “green” strategies for their data centers, since fewer physical resources are required. 

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