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JITC Certification for RightFax

While governmental organizations must adhere to strict security and compliance standards for all of their communications to ensure the security and auditability of their faxes, these standards can also be of benefit to organizations in the private sector. The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Defense which provides risk-based testing, evaluation and certification for information technologies which are used by the U.S. federal and local governments.

While faxes are inherently safe from viruses, malware and interception, OpenText RightFax provides additional security features that can help you prevent the unauthorized access of your information while also ensuring that you can manage your fax system with comprehensive administrative and reporting tools. RightFax provides the security and auditability government organizations require to transmit their protected fax data in accordance with security and compliance standards.

RightFax 16.6 is JITC certified for use within governmental organizations and is built to make your fax system is as secure as possible by:

  • Encrypting fax images at rest and in motion.
  • Ensuring certified delivery.
  • Disallowing T.434 file transfer between fax boards.
  • Using extensive dialing rules for outbound faxes.
  • Maintaining a complete fax history and full audit trail.
  • Working with your established Windows security system.

RightFax also helps organizations significantly reduce their risk by helping eliminate errors commonly associated with manual processes. Additionally, organizations using RightFax certified delivery can maintain many of their custom application integrations, allowing them to leverage increased privacy while still using the tools they’re most familiar with.

If JITC certification is a requirement for your organization or you’d like to know more about the security measures in RightFax, click the button below.

Advantage Technologies is a General Services Administration (GSA) Certified Vendor

GSA contract number: GS- 35F-0435Y


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