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Midwestern Medical Center Upgrades Its Document Workflows with a Cloud-Hosted RightFax Server Solution
A Midwestern Medical Center decided to proactively address problems with their patient information security and document workflows by utilizing OpenText™ RightFax™.

A Midwestern Medical Center provides comprehensive medical care, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, to their community. With over 850,000 medical visits per year, coordinating the care of patients while securely communicating with other community healthcare providers was proving to be an overwhelming challenge for the Medical Center.

Lab reports, prescriptions and other critical patient information could not be faxed directly from a desktop computer. Instead, each document needed to be printed out or handwritten and then manually faxed. These manually faxed documents would frequently run into busy signals during peak times or be accidentally sent to the wrong location. This left information vulnerable to being accessed by unauthorized users as the documents were left sitting out in the paper tray.

After an evaluation of their document and fax workflows, the Medical Center decided to replace their outdated, manual fax processes with OpenText RightFax, deployed in Azure – Microsoft’s secure Cloud platform. Known industry-wide for its advanced and flexible functionality, RightFax was the Center’s first choice. Its HIPAA compliant security features could support the required interoperability and regulatory requirements, ensuring that patient and operational information was kept in a secure format.

Staff Benefit from Expanded Functionality and Flexible Integrations

After the Medical Center upgraded their legacy fax system to RightFax deployed in the Cloud, the staff saw immediate improvements to the expediency of their document workflows. Staff no longer had to spend valuable time waiting for faxes at machines or worry about the security of the patient information they were sending. The ease of sending faxes from their desktop computers gave staff valuable functionality and improved their overall document processes giving them more time to focus on the veterans in their care.

The Medical Center also utilized several RightFax add-ons in order to expand the functionality of their workflows. The MFP Module integrated the Center’s entire MFP fleet into the new system. Staff could now send documents through their preferred MFPs with the knowledge that they would be digitally formatted and sent to the correct destination. With the RightFax Searchable PDF Module, OCR conversion was applied to all inbound faxes turning them into searchable and sortable documents. The RightFax Encryption Module, which protected this information at-rest, and the RightFax Secure FoIP module, which protected the faxes while being transmitted, secured patient data from end-to-end.

Epic_Case_Study_Documents_No_Longer_Lost_Quote_Blue Peace of Mind with the Reliability of the Cloud
By utilizing the fax infrastructure of the Cloud, the Medical Center benefitted from the scalability and flexibility of Azure and no longer had trouble with busy signals during peak times or the infrastructural headaches that came with their legacy system. Azure also provided the reliability of a geographically dispersed Cloud server which prevented any single points of failure from disrupting the entire system. After porting all of their existing fax numbers to an internet telephony service provider (ITSP) and connecting it to their new Cloud-deployed system, staff and administrators were able to continue their work in an efficient and digital format.

By digitizing their complex document workflows, RightFax helped the Center avoid HIPAA violations by providing an auditable trail for each document that was sent through the system. The new RightFax system was deployed within days without significant disruption to document processes or patient care. Improving the workflows within the Center increased the confidence the staff had in the services they could provide, and the trust patients had in their care providers.

RightFax deployed in Azure also helped the Medical Center reduce its expensive infrastructural footprint without compromising on security. Less infrastructure meant less maintenance, fewer outages and a streamlined, digitized document process.

To learn more about how implementing a Cloud-hosted RightFax system could improve the document workflows and exponentially improve the information security of your organization, reach out to our fax experts today.

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