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MFP Connectors: Don’t Complicate Your RightFax Support
This is a cautionary tale that we are sharing with the hope that it helps you avoid the same RightFax support dilemma that recently occurred to one of our customers. This customer was expanding their MFP fleet, replacing many desktop fax machines and printers with central MFPs. While this is a normal occurrence, the support issue arose when they purchased their RightFax MFP connectors from the MFP vendor, and not from Advantage, their longtime RightFax support partner.

Purchasing RightFax MFP Connectors from the MFP vendor might seem like a good idea – streamlining the ordering process. However, purchasing connectors from vendors who are not your RightFax ASP Partner can cause confusion.

  • Who will install your connectors and ensure that they do not adversely impact your production environment?
  • Will you need more channels to service the additional fax volume that will be generated by these MFPs?
  • Who do you call if you have a problem with sending faxes from your MFPs?

As your trusted partner for RightFax, we’ve taken the time to learn all the details of your RightFax infrastructure and know what is crucial for the reliability and success of your business. Please make sure that all your coworkers know that Advantage should be the only source for RightFax software, and that we are your RightFax support partner – the single point of contact for all of your RightFax questions and issues.

We promise to play nice with your MFP vendors.

Contact your Account Manager today to learn how we can help you successfully integrate your MFPs with RightFax and help keep your RightFax support with the experts who know you best.

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