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OpenText RightFax for Local & County Government
A key consideration for organizations initiating digital strategies is how confidential information will be securely exchanged and processed. As faxing remains one of the most secure methods of transmitting documents across organizations, OpenText RightFax, the market-leading fax server solution, is the number one choice for government organizations looking to process documents securely and efficiently. 

As the most flexible and configurable fax server available, RightFax transforms document delivery workflows by providing flexible productivity tools that enable users to securely transmit documents from a variety of sources. 

RightFax helps local and county governments improve the productivity of their document delivery workflows by:

   Providing centralized administration tools that allow administrators to setup, configure and manage fax services individually or globally.

   Enabling users to leverage anytime, anywhere access to faxing from desktop applications, web-based portals and mobile devices.

   Integrating with key business applications such as EMRs, CRMs, or MFPs for faster and more secure exchange of business-critical documents.

In addition to providing encrypted and certified delivery, RightFax has also met the Department of Defense’s rigorous standard for deployment.

Leveraging RightFax in the Cloud

Many organizations are utilizing powerful collaborative tools to achieve Cloud-first goals, including RightFax, in the hopes of improving overall productivity and system reliability. By deploying RightFax in the Cloud and removing complex on-premises telephony, organizations are able to maintain their existing integrations, achieve their Cloud-first goals and simplify their overall IT infrastructure. 

The benefits of moving to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution include: 

   Reducing administrative overhead by removing all servers and the resources dedicated to manage telephony on-premises.

   Implementing a highly redundant solution including active-active collective environments.

   Accelerating the flow of your business-critical communications through more efficient, consistent and comprehensive communication.

   Enhancing secure communications and contributing to overall digital transformation and productivity initiatives.

To host RightFax in the Cloud, there are a few infrastructure requirements to consider for a successful Cloud deployment:

Infrastructure Requirements

   Hosted Virtual Machine

   Site-to-Site VPN

   Cloud-based SQL Instance

   Cloud-based SBC or Virtual Fax Gateway

Remember, while there may not be significant requirements to hosting a RightFax system in the Cloud, ensuring optimal connectivity via a VPN is critical to maintaining your existing integrations and workflows. 


Vendor Contract Number: GS-35F-0435Y

Advantage Technologies is a GSA certified and approved vendor in the public sector for RightFax:





With over 21 years of experience, we’ve completed more than 1,000 successful RightFax implementations across the country.

Enhancing Fax Workflows with RightFax

RightFax offers a comprehensive set of features that allow local government organizations to eliminate inefficient, paper-based workflows by providing better control over their secure information exchange and business processes. 

With RightFax, you can:

   Require approval for each fax before it is sent.

   Leverage complete audit trails of all RightFax document access.

   Securely and quickly send faxes via MFPs.

In addition to providing flexible options to meet the needs of all departments, great and small, RightFax provides optional modules that go above and beyond RightFax’s core offering. 

These add-on modules can be added for extra functionality and workflow enablement, increasing the power of your fax processes by:

   Preventing any and all unauthorized access to fax images by encrypting faxes at rest 

   Protecting faxes during transmission by offering support for TLS over SIP, providing endpoint authentication on a hop-by-hop basis.

   Allowing system administrators to maintain fax content without degrading performance or having to use third-party archiving tools.

Thousands of organizations leverage the advanced functionality of RightFax to provide robust configurability and flexible integrations that centralize their fax infrastructure, speed up their business processes and increase the security of their fax transmissions.

Getting Started with Experienced Help from Advantage Technologies

With over 20 years of experience providing support and professional services to government organizations as they modernize their legacy fax systems, Advantage can help your organization strengthen and accelerate your document delivery workflows. Our team can help ease the procurement and deployment phases of implementing a secure RightFax system.

To learn how RightFax can improve the security and productivity of the information exchanged within your government organization, reach out to a RightFax expert today:

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