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OpenText RightFax is Certified and Integrated with SAP

SAP applications allow organizations to connect and automate the flow of information across an enterprise and streamline business processes including procurement, order fulfillment, sales, finance, and human resources. All of these processes generate volumes of valuable information in the form of documents, purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgements, etc.

Organizations can automate the delivery of business-critical documents from SAP systems via fax, email, certified email, and PDF using OpenText RightFax. Organizations can reduce document delivery costs by eliminating expenses associated with manual document delivery, such as preprinted forms, postage, labor, and equipment costs. RightFax delivers documents securely, ensuring that important communications reach the intended recipient with notification, authentication, certified delivery, and audit trail.

Key Benefits

  • Proven certified integration with SAP®
  • Shorten business cycles with improved speed and efficiency of business processes
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Reduce time, cost, and complexity related to high volume report production and delivery from SAP applications
  • Reduce document delivery costs by eliminating preprinted forms, postage, labor, and equipment costs associated with manual document delivery

Key Features

  • Create, send, and receive faxes from SAP
  • Integrate electronic fax into SAP, in-house, and third-party applications
  • Automatic, electronic delivery of business-critical documents generated from SAP applications
  • Eliminate the need to install and manage multiple standalone fax machines
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Access the full white paper to learn more about automate the delivery of business-critical documents from SAP systems with RightFax.

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