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Patients acting as consumers, demanding more ease, better tools

Patients are driving a new shift in health care, with expectations for greater access to personalized, convenient services growing. 


 By Leontina Postelnicu

Fast, efficient technology has become the norm this century. It’s no surprise that consumers have high expectations when it comes to ease, but, while e-commerce and banking continue to make strides, for some, healthcare technology is often the stodgy counterpart.


Just take comments from a recently-published evaluation of the three-month NHS App pilot in England, where patients expressed their frustrations with the two-factor authentication method used to log onto the platform (now replaced with biometric login).


“The text verification every time is annoying. Could a passcode or fingerprint like banking apps use work?” one patient’s feedback said.


Those watching the digital transformation of healthcare will be familiar with this comparison. Banking is often used as a successful example of digital ease and convenience, and many question why it has taken so long to reach this field.


But that could now be changing, as patients, acting as consumers, start pushing for greater access, at the click of a button, and more control over their care. The pace of technological progress, seen in the slew of innovations available on the market, is enabling them to do that, yet, it is clear that this unmet need for access to easy and convenient digital services continues to grow.


“There’s no logical explanation as to why this shouldn’t happen, there’s every reason why individuals should actually get more control over their health and care,” Dr Charles Alessi, chief clinical officer of HIMSS, tells MobiHealthNews.


“The reality is that health systems aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to giving people permission to get control over their health and care, but of course it will happen, and it has to happen, because consumers are taking control of the process. However, it’s still kicking and screaming at the moment,” he says.


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