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RightFax Error 1772 Message Appears When Opening FaxUtil | RightFax Fax Server

ERROR 1722: In Fax Server, RightFax Edition 9.x, when FaxUtil is opened, an error message appears.


Perform the following steps:

1. In Enterprise Fax Manager or Windows Services, check that the RPC Server Module service is running on the RightFax server.

2. Verify that the client cannot communciate with the RightFax server over specific TCP/IP ports. If you select Named Pipes as the protocol, the utility works properly.

3. To use TCP/IP, follow the steps in Knowledge base article 16219813 to reserve ports on the RightFax server.

4. Once you have set up the registry using Knowledge base article 16219813, reboot the RightFax server.

NOTE: On some rare occasions, the ports may need to be reserved on the client workstation experiencing the issue. Please contact Advantage Support for more information.

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