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RightFax in an IP Environment
RightFax was designed as a flexible centralized document delivery hub, which can support FoIP, traditional PSTN or both. OpenText is committed to ongoing research and development, and has developed longstanding partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors to ensure the application provides the most reliable, robust and adaptable solution for companies transitioning to FoIP. Some of the unique advantages of RightFax fax servers within a FoIP environment include its proven ability to:

Integrate with a variety of mission-critical applications

OpenText provides extensive integration to office programs, document management, email, ERP, workflow, MFPs, and other applications used in ad hoc communications and business operations. It also partners with leading technology vendors including: IBM®, Microsoft®, Oracle®, SAP®, HP® Konica Minolta®, Xerox®, and more. RightFax can securely send, receive, and manage thousands of faxes a day generated from business applications in a timely, reliable and cost-effective manner.

Provide reliable fax availability in a distributed environment

The capacity of RightFax fax servers can be multiplied by combining two or more servers to share a common RightFax database, no matter the location of the workers or offices.

Support for Virtualization

RightFax has an open, multi-layered architecture that deploys into virtualization scenarios in which it can run on virtualized “machines,” aiding in cost savings and streamlined management. With virtualization and RightFax fax servers, organizations can gain numerous benefits and advantages including: • Enhanced customer satisfaction and levels of service due to higher availability, failover scenarios, backups and security • Reduced capital expenditures by eliminating the need for dedicated CPU hardware and fax boards • Lower operating costs as a result of reducing rack space allotments in the datacenter and reduced energy consumption and utilization costs • Increased IT administration efficiencies by centralizing management of all virtual applications.

Proven Fax Server Leaer

OpenText is the No. 1 FoIP provider and the trusted market leader in fax server software and FoIP.


The enterprise fax server remains the cornerstone of any faxing environment because of its ability to integrate with business applications and provide a centralized hub to ensure documents are delivered, routed, and tracked in a secure, efficient, and reliable manner. As a transport mechanism, FoIP is a good option for organizations that want to compound the existing benefits of their fax server and maximize the payback from consolidating voice, fax, and data traffic on an IP network. When it comes to implementing FoIP, the market leading RightFax fax server is the proven choice for providing flexible, scalable, and cost-effective FoIP solutions. Known for integrations, reliability, and manageability, OpenText RightFax provides built-in FoIP options, making it easy to deploy, set up, and manage software or combination FoIP solutions depending on an organization’s needs. Organizations looking to consolidate resources, reduce costs and reap all the benefits of using their IP infrastructure for faxing will benefit from scalability and flexibility of RightFax as their document delivery engine.

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