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RightFax in the Cloud

Organizations that are looking to move their business-critical infrastructure to the cloud know that it’s important to make sure that their fax communications are part of the conversation. Hosting your RightFax infrastructure in the cloud can enable your organization to:

  • Maintain existing application integrations and workflows.
  • Leverage the full features and functionality of RightFax.
  • Utilize a price-per-minute model rather than price-per-page.

Plus, utilizing a virtual machine hosted privately or in a public cloud option – like AWS or Azure – instead of physical fax servers can reduce the need for specialized telephony lines and extra fax boards.

In this blog we will be covering the top three considerations for organizations when moving their RightFax server to the cloud.



One of the many benefits of hosting RightFax in the cloud is that it helps to reduce the time and maintenance required to manage the underlying fax infrastructure. Think about it: instead of system administrators trying to troubleshoot complex telephony issues, they can focus on managing application stability and their remaining priorities. With more time to focus on what matters, administrators can prioritize keeping your system running smoothly and less on IT-related headaches.

To host RightFax in the cloud, you’ll need to:

  • Create a VPN between your current on-premise network and the cloud.
  • Migrate existing RightFax servers to cloud-based virtual machines.
  • And leverage an Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) for telephony.

That’s it. This simple Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) configuration means your existing RightFax workflows, MFP connectivity, integrations and functionality will be forklifted to the cloud and you’ll continue to maintain the streamlined experience you’ve grown to love.



Hosting RightFax in the cloud accelerates the process of migrating business critical infrastructure while maintaining all existing integrations, including:

  • EMRs/EHRs
  • Microsoft Office 365®
  • ERP, ECM, CRM, or custom applications
  • Virtually any MFP
  • Print-to-Fax

By cloud-hosting your RightFax server, you can provide a full use of the features and functionality you need plus the ease and flexibility of the cloud without the stress of having to re-engineer all current integrations.



Telephony is by far the most complicated consideration when migrating an on-premise RightFax server into the cloud. Despite your RightFax server being virtual, your organization could still be using a telephony infrastructure that requires phone jacks and fax boards. It’s important for you to decide whether you want to be pushed into a cloud provider based on your current telephony or whether you want to take another route more fitting for your organization?

Understanding your options when choosing a provider for telephony is key when migrating to the cloud. Most Tier 1 carriers have a presence in all the major cloud environments, however, a cloud-based T.38 provider, such as Cloudli or T38Fax, may strengthen the reliability of your RightFax system.

Sending and receiving faxes through an ITSP reduces the complexity inherent to migrating RightFax to the cloud allowing your organization to:

  • Reduce infrastructure related costs
  • Encrypt fax traffic
  • Simplify network configuration


Migrating your organization’s RightFax system to the cloud doesn’t have to be a headache. There are many opportunities to reduce the stress of moving your fax infrastructure, maintaining the integrations critical to your business, and choosing a telephony provider for RightFax in the cloud.

To speak to a cloud expert about solutions for your RightFax system, please click the button below.

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