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As RightFax 10.6 approaches sustaining maintenance, many organizations will begin the process of planning to upgrade their RightFax system. As you begin this process, remember that there are some very good reasons to choose Advantage Technologies, your Certified OpenText Support Partner, to assist you with the upgrade.

1. Advantage Technologies is an OpenText Partner

A few years ago, there were many partners certified to provide support for RightFax, now there are only a few. At Advantage, we have maintained the high level of excellence necessary to remain an OpenText Support Partner. This designation provides us with all the tools necessary to ensure that your upgrade goes smoothly.

2. All Our Engineers Are Certified

The entire team at Advantage has taken (and passed) the OpenText certification tests for both RightFax 16 and RightFax 10.6. There are many moving parts that need to be considered for RightFax to work properly, and we know them all – from telephony, to RightFax settings, to MSMQ queues, to networking, we have it covered. You can be sure that no matter which Advantage Engineer you are working with, you will receive both the highest level of professionalism and RightFax knowledge.

3. The Advantage RightFax Lab

We have created and maintain a state-of-the-art RightFax Lab, where we run every version of RightFax back to 9.4. Our engineers use these systems daily to recreate environments, test scenarios and validate solutions for our customers. On-premise access to all the RightFax software means that we can minimize the impact of troubleshooting an issue on a live, production system and shorten the time to resolution for most issues.

4. Our Professional Services Process

With over 1000 RightFax installations and over 21 years’ experience, Advantage has a proven track record that speaks for itself. Our experience means that we know all the hidden secrets and undocumented settings that will make your upgrade successful. We will be there from the planning stages all the way through to cut-over.

Upgrading RightFax is an important project for any organization that relies on fax for document delivery. Choosing Advantage as your upgrade partner will help ensure that there is minimal downtime and that your project is a success.

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