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RightFax Strategies for Enhanced Security | RightFax Fax Server

Fax security is an important consideration when it comes to protecting sensitive data such as patient, financial, or government documents and is often required to maintain compliance with any number of industry standard regulations.

As the most secure fax server solution available, RightFax can provide you with the level of security and compliance that is required for your organization. In this blog, we’ll cover the security features and functionality available with RightFax including:

  • The Encryption Module
  • Secure FoIP Module
  • Preventing Single Points of Failure
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Security in the Cloud

Encryption Module

Organizations that exchange private or confidential information have an important responsibility to protect that information from unauthorized access. Even organizations with defined procedures may find themselves with users who are accessing the information by browsing the protected image storage directly, bypassing the audit capabilities of RightFax.

The Encryption Module for RightFax can prevent sensitive documents from being accessed by unauthorized users by encrypting the fax images when they are stored in the RightFax Image Directory using 256-bit AES security. This means that access to the encrypted fax images is only available to authorized users and a complete audit trail is collected to provide compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Connect with a RightFax expert today to learn how you can add an additional layer of fax security from internal and external breaches.

Secure FoIP Channels

Many organizations are leveraging Fax over IP to transmit faxes, eliminating the need to use costly traditional fax boards and the phone lines needed to connect them. Organizations who have adopted or are looking to adopt an IP telephony environment can further enhance their RightFax security by implementing the Secure FoIP Module to encrypt FoIP traffic inside their network.

The Secure FoIP Module greatly improves security by encrypting faxes while in motion between your RightFax server and your gateway or PBX, preventing unauthorized users from intercepting protected fax data while in transit on your internal network.

If your organization is looking to increase their fax security while leveraging the flexibility and scalability of FoIP, reach out to a RightFax expert today.

Single Point of Failure

Organizations that manage large fax volumes may be susceptible to single points of failure that can result in an inability to send and receive faxes. This unplanned or unexpected downtime can have a big impact on your business productivity, SLAs, and revenue.

With RightFax, there are several configuration levels available to reduce the risk of any potential fax server crash by providing powerful redundancy and continuity:

Application Level
The Shared Services Module for RightFax allows fax traffic to be spread over multiple servers all while using the same information database. This ensures that during periods of especially high fax traffic or if one server experiences a disruption, other servers can step in to share the workload.

SQL Level
Enterprise applications often rely on SQL databases to store transactional data, and when those databases are unavailable, these mission-critical applications fail. Our RightFax engineers can help you implement Always On Availability Groups for Tier 1 applications so that your RightFax system can benefit from this industry standard strategy.

By adding your RightFax database to an Always On Availability Group you ensure that if the primary RightFax database is unavailable for any reason, SQL will immediately fail-over to another copy and RightFax will continue working as expected.

Image Storage Level
Should your fax images become inaccessible for any reason, your RightFax system will cease to work entirely.

Typically, organizations store their fax images on a Microsoft Windows share and in order to provide high availability for that share, an administrator would have to configure fail-over clustering, which can be difficult and time consuming.

In most cases we recommend using the SQL Image Storage Module so organizations can leverage their well-known SQL high availability strategies, such as Always On Availaibity groups, to protect their fax images.

Telephony Level
To prevent telephonic outages and disruptions from crippling your fax system, we suggest installing redundant gateways and/or carriers to ensure that your system can continue operating in the event of a local outage.

Alternatively, a cloud-based T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP) provider, such as babyTel, can also be added as an additional method to deliver your RightFax traffic. Should your telephony carrier be unavailable for any reason, RightFax can route all fax traffic though the Cloud.

To identify any potential single points of failure within your RightFax configuration and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime, get started with a RightFax expert today.


Secure handling of protected information is critical to maintain compliance with industry standard regulations such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. Costly fines or unauthorized breaches are just some of the unintended consequences of an unsecure fax workflow such as fax pages piling up at an MFP or protected fax files accidentally being accessed by well-intending administrators.
RightFax is a secure and trusted fax server solution that helps you maintain compliance and reduce the risk that comes with manual processes by:

  • Encrypting files and fax images in motion and at rest
  • Offering certified and tamper-resistant fax delivery
  • Tracking inbound and outbound faxes maintaining full audit trails

RightFax is an essential security tool for thousands of healthcare, financial, and government agencies around the world. To learn more about how RightFax can aid you in your compliance and security requirements, get in touch with a RightFax expert today.


Keeping your RightFax system as secure as possible not only protects valuable and sensitive information, but it also helps your organization avoid lost revenue due to outages, failures and expensive fines related to non-compliance.

At Advantage, we have over 23 years of experience working with organizations large and small to implement a wide range of security features into their RightFax servers and fax infrastructure. Our dedicated U.S.-based senior engineers are also available to help you with technical support should anything ever go wrong.

To get started with any of the security options outlined in this blog, connect with a RightFax expert today.

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