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Streamlining Kareo Clinical EHR Workflows with OpenText RightFax

Telehealth is a continually growing trend in the healthcare industry. Many patients are taking advantage of remote visits to avoid travelling long distances, while many independent healthcare practices are allowing their doctors and support staff to work from home. These practices must develop new solutions to efficiently provide the same or better level of care as was traditional with in-person visits.
Removing access to a central office can be a daunting task for an independent practice or mental health provider as most staff do not have easy access to patient information and fax machines at home. These problems can create communication headaches that can lead to critical delays in patient care.
Traditionally, fax has been used as the bridge between paper and digital worlds, enabling users to send business-critical documents from work computers or personal devices. While fax remains the most trusted method for sending healthcare documents, practices using cloud based Kareo Clinical for their electronic health records (EHR) need a tool that can seamlessly integrate with their on-premise and remote workflows, enabling them to securely exchange protected health information.
Many current fax infrastructures are unreliable or outdated, resulting in slow fax transmission, mishandled documents and protected patient data being exposed to unauthorized access. For a small practice, these problems can result in large reductions in productivity and overall patient care. OpenText RightFax mitigates these issues by increasing the efficiency and reliability of your fax workflows and allowing you to transform fax-dependent processes, eliminate inefficiencies and provide advanced security to improve bottom-line results.


What is OpenText RightFax?

RightFax is the market-leading automated electronic document delivery solution. It is the only scalable fax server with the comprehensive deployment options to meet today’s needs and evolve with changes in your practice as it grows. RightFax offers API integration with Kareo Clinical to address the challenge of remote employees delivering medical records, lab results, doctor’s notes and other essential documents with an easy-to-use interface. RightFax efficiently delivers documents from a variety of clinical and back-office applications used by your practice to ensure the safe and hassle-free transmission of patient information.

Available fully on-site or hosted in the cloud, RightFax redefines and modernizes secure fax through:

  API Integration with your Kareo EHR
Send, receive and manage faxes from within Kareo Clinical EHR or RightFax FaxUtil.

 Fax Delegate Management
Assign predefined or custom roles to delegates including permissions to read, write or send faxes.

 Fully HIPAA Compliant Solution
Manage Protected Health Information (PHI) in a secure and reliable electronic format.

 Advanced Secure Faxing
Provide encrypted and tamper-resistant document delivery with secure storage and a complete audit trail.

If your clinic or practice is already using Kareo Clinical, you can improve productivity, increase revenue and enhance patient care by transmitting critical information quickly, accurately and safely by implementing RightFax.

Simplify and Secure Outbound Faxing with RightFax

Sending faxes through RightFax from Kareo automates the medical record and secure document delivery process, intuitively organizing the information making it traceable and auditable. This process provides your practice with the flexibility to securely distribute virtually any document from any application, including Microsoft® Exchange®, using a centralized fax and document delivery solution.

How it Works

The RightFax API processes the outbound fax job and delivers it directly to the RightFax server for sending. Once sent, a “complete” status is returned from the RightFax server to the API which you can then view in Kareo’s interface. Faxes can be sent to individual locations or multiple destinations at once.


Should the fax fail, the RightFax API will return a “failed” status and deliver the fax to the “Failed Fax” in-basket. Users receive a notification to investigate the failed fax and the status is returned and logged to the patient record in accordance with HIPAA.

By sending faxes using Kareo Clinical & RightFax, your practice can:

Queue outbound fax traffic to prevent system overload during peak fax periods.

Create dialing rules that optimize channel usage based on priority, page count or destination of the fax.

Promptly and securely fax physician notes, referrals, lab results, scheduling, health records and more from within the EHR system you already use.

Inbound Faxing with Kareo Clinical EHR and RightFax

Kareo, together with RightFax, provides several methods for routing received faxes to their intended recipients within your organization:

 Smart Fax Distribution
Faxes are routed to members of a group either by round-robin or a member’s ability to process incoming fax.

 Bar Code Routing
Faxes are scanned for 1- or 2-dimensional bar codes and then routed to the corresponding inbox or destination.

 Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Route faxes directly to the user based on their assigned routing code – a portion of their specific fax number.

A complete audit trail tracks the history of each fax, including transmission information, every forward, manual route or view of the fax. This allows your practice to verify that sensitive information has been handled correctly and kept secure.

How it Works

As faxes are received by the RightFax server, they are delivered based on the fax workflows configured by your system administrators. Faxes containing sensitive information such as PHI can be routed directly to a designated group or individual to prevent mishandling or unauthorized access.


Documents can be delivered to a number of different endpoints, based on the recipients configured preferences, including an email inbox, network folder or a printer. Recipients can also configure what type of documents they will receive, including TIFF images, PDFs and Searchable PDFs.

Get Started with RightFax for Kareo

Fax continues to be the most trusted method of patient information transmission for healthcare providers using Kareo Clinical. Manual document delivery workflows present logistic and security challenges. OpenText RightFax can address these challenges while ensuring timely and reliable exchange of prescriptions, referrals and other business-critical information even in telehealth settings. RightFax, together with Kareo, can provide unmatched reliability with top-of-the-line business continuity, flexibility and ease of use.

To learn more about how your practice can expand the features and functionality of your Kareo Clinical EHR, reach out to a RightFax expert today!

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