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Streamlining Healthcare Workflows with RightFax

The Challenge

Healthcare organizations dealing with a large number of fax transmissions require an efficient and secure method for document transmission. The timely processing of physician’s orders is absolutely necessary to provide the highest level of patient care while also maintaining compliance with healthcare mandates such as HIPAA.

Typical hospital fax workflows consist of documents arriving from multiple nursing stations, departments and offices throughout the day. If this sounds familiar, then you know that the constant onslaught of faxed paperwork makes manually processing orders within the required time frame impossible.

Printing the physician’s orders and manually sending them to the various departments using a fax machine requires staff members to spend valuable time hand-feeding and waiting for confirmation receipts of the fax. This means nurses and administrators must change their focus and leave their desktops to manually send faxes exposing the process to human error, which in turn, often causes further delays for nurses, physicians and patients.

In addition to workflow interruptions, each department frequently has its own process for handling orders. This variation can lead to inconsistent results and is vulnerable to data entry errors which make it difficult to confirm delivery and maintain patient visibility.

Healthcare organizations are refocusing their approach to address these problems head on. In their search for an automated solution that can integrate their paper-based processes with the back-office applications already used by their employees, they are turning to RightFax to handle their high fax volume, streamline their document transmission workflows and maintain their HIPAA compliance.

The Solution

Hospitals start by implementing RightFax as the transport for patient orders sent out by nurses and physicians. As the proven market leader in enterprise fax and document delivery, RightFax centralizes the control of faxing across the entire organization, giving staff the ability to send faxes directly from their EMR/EHRs to streamline critical fax processes.

With the instant verification of document transmissions, complete with notification options and a full audit trail, RightFax allows staff to stay focused on providing the highest level of patient care. Incoming faxes containing confidential data are securely routed into the right hands, preventing sensitive information from being seen or received by unintended recipients.

In addition to the substantial productivity and security enhancements, RightFax helps reduce the overall paper related expenses such as paper, toner and redundant fax machines.

The Results

RightFax is a vital bridge between a customer’s paper and digital processes as well as a platform for maintaining critical, HIPAA compliant communications between all parties, even hospitals not on the same EHR system. Providing almost instant delivery of patient data, scanned orders can securely arrive within minutes eliminating the errors and delays that once plagued the healthcare organization. HIPAA and privacy security policies are securely enforced by certified and encrypted delivery, enabling healthcare staff to confidentially send and receive faxes with a full-audit trail of all fax communication.

RightFax reduces the time spent by staff standing at the fax machine waiting for transmissions by sending the documents directly from the desktop and allowing staff to receive confirmation reports immediately. Revolutionary ease-of-use means that staff require virtually no training to use RightFax, expediting the improvements to their workflow processes. The overall flexibility and integration with a variety of systems allows their team to focus on their core responsibilities without worrying about finding lost orders.

By integrating RightFax with their EMR/HER system, healthcare organizations can improve the way they handle physician’s orders – leading to higher quality care for all their patients.

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