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The Evolution of the Remote Employee
By utilizing a front end, cloud-based interface, users can simply add a printer to their device, be it a Laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, or even a shared workstation and connect right into the office printing infrastructure. By utilizing such a setup, a user could have a printer installed on their device and then use that printer when they are in the office, sitting at home, or even in the air on their way to a meeting!

As technology has evolved, we have seen the presence of ‘The Remote Worker’ rise in the workplace. This used to mean a ‘work from home’ employee, but that has expanded over the years. Now, when we say someone is working remotely, it could mean they are on a plane, or at their local coffee shop, or meeting with a customer across the world!

Proportional to this rise, is the need to support them. Workers need to be able to access their business-critical data regardless of where they are located. Where it was once just a group of Windows desktop computers, IT departments are now having to support an ever-increasing variety of platforms.

While your company issues laptops and phones to provide some control, this comes with additional needs to get the user connected. Sometimes this can come in the form of a VPN, or in the shape of publicly available platforms a user can log into.

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