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Turning Information Delivery into a Strategic Advantage, Part 2

Production fax and electronic document delivery provide substantial benefits, enabling industries and functional areas to increase efficiency, reduce costs, support compliance and more effectively communicate with customers and suppliers. Some of the industry applications of this technology include:

Industry Outcomes
Distribution Automated document delivery helps circumvent costly, time-consuming manual faxing or emailing of bills of lading, shipping reports and other documents that must be transferred in large volumes to customers or suppliers.
Financial Services and Banking Production fax facilities loan processing, wire transfers, rate/ fee compliance, and a host of other financial processes by deliverying financial documents quickly, securely and economically.
Healthcare Tamper-resistant and automated delivery of medical information from healthcare information systems helps healthcare organizations support privacy laws and improve the timeliness of patient care while holding down costs.
Insurance Integrated document deliveyr capabilities enable insurance providers to automate communications with agents and customers regarding insurance claims, procedures and policies. This improves service-levels and reduces claims processing costs.
Manufacturing Automated delivery of transactionbased documents such as invoices and purchase orders hepls organizations streamline their supply chains and more effectively manage inventory and costs

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Many companies rely on postal services or general-purpose fax machines to deliver documents. Traditionally, these delivery methods involve labor-intensive, manual processes. In situations where companies are using postal delivery, this involves printing, bursting, folding, stuffing envelopes and mailing documents. For companies that rely on manual faxing, this involves printing documents, taking them to the fax machine, standing in line and often waiting for confirmations. By enabling delivery of documents directly from desktops or automatically sending documents directly from the applications from which they were generated, companies can eliminate manual processes and more efficiently utilize resources.

Cost Reduction

Despite the fact more companies are becoming “digital”, printed materials can still be expensive and add to overhead costs. Automating document delivery and receipt allows companies to significantly reduce the costs associated with paper-based processes by eliminating the need to print documents such as purchase orders, invoices and statements. When combined with the savings accrued by eliminating the labor, postal and equipment costs of manually processing and delivering documents via mail or manual fax, document delivery costs can be reduced by as much as 90 percent.

Streamline Business Processes and Improved Accuracy

Purchasing, inventory, order entry, financial and other enterprise applications generate huge volumes of business documents. Companies that automate document delivery from their business applications can streamline overall document-centric business processes and eliminate errorprone, time-consuming and repetitive manual routines.

Compliance and Secure Access

Government regulations have made safeguarding information and keeping accurate records more critical for organizations today. As a result, companies are under tremendous pressure to protect corporate informational assets from tampering while providing universal information access for employees. Traditional delivery methods (postage, manual fax and email) cannot ensure confidentiality and make information vulnerable to tampering.

In addition, they are often unreliable and do not always provide guaranteed or confirmed delivery. For companies that adopt a production fax and electronic document delivery solution, confidential material is sent in real-time directly from a business application to the intended recipient.

For an added layer of protection, it also can be sent as certified email or encrypted PDF. This limits security concerns and provides convenient, easy information access. Production fax and electronic document delivery solutions also can provide a communications backup during malicious virus attacks. For example, should corporate email systems or intranets fail because of Internet-born viruses, organizations can keep operations up and running by sending documents automatically via fax since fax is not vulnerable to virus attacks.

End-to-end Integration with Business Applications

To efficiently manage business processes, many companies have invested large sums in systems—from mainframe and legacy systems to email, ERP, CRM and document management solutions. One way companies can extend the value of these systems is by integrating electronic document delivery capabilities with their existing enterprise applications.

This cost-effectively and efficiently handles business communications generated across the organization, allowing companies to maximize IT investments and provide better information access for transactional and decision-making purposes.

This is part 2 of a three part white paper series.

To download the full series, click the link below.

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