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What’s New in RightFax 20.2?
Advantage is pleased to announce that OpenText™ RightFax™ 20.2 is now available. The newest version of RightFax is packed with new features and functionality designed to help businesses optimize workflows, shorten revenue cycle times, improve user productivity, and simplify the administrative and user experience.

Simplify secure patient information exchange for Epic

RightFax 20.2 boasts a new, certified Epic connector for a rich EMR integration, accelerating secure patient information exchange and enhancing care provider productivity. This native integration enables paperless, digital faxing within Epic that is easy to use, reduces costs and increases HIPAA compliance. Additional benefits include:

  • Leverages Epic Print Services which allows users to send faxes directly from Epic
  • Ensures fax delivery and eases IT burden with real-time tracking of sent and received patient information exchange, including the status of sent faxes within Epic and Epic My Printouts
  • Improves productivity by automatically routing inbound faxes to users, groups and network folders
  • Increases and maintains patient and provider service levels with around-the-clock reliability

Check out the RightFax Connector for Epic on App Orchard.


New RightFax Workflow branching enables faster document processing

With major enhancements to RightFax Workflows that include branching, exception handling, rejections, SLAs and metadata viewing, organizations can optimize processes to automatically route documents to the right team members based on SOPs to meet document processing service level agreements with ease and predictability. Other features and benefits include:

  • Transforms fax images into structured files with actionable data
  • Increase document security with defined visibility according to the user’s role
  • Optimize processes to automatically route documents to the right team members based on SOPs
  • Design the path data takes through the process, using an easy visual workflow configurator
  • Simple code-free workflow manager lets users create and manage workflows


RightFax Workflows showing new branching options.


New interface for improved user experience and enhanced productivity

Improvements to the web and desktop clients allow users to send fax documents faster than ever before. With the new UX, users can create a new fax message in as few as two clicks. The simplified interface decreases the need for training, documentation, and internal support. Other features and benefits include:

  • Reduces effort needed to create, track and manage fax documents
  • Instantly view fax documents with a new preview pane
  • Save time, improve consistency, and reduce errors
  • Drag-and-drop attachments
  • Dark mode option


The New Fax window is shown in the RightFax 20.2 web client, FaxUtilWeb


The preview pane in FaxUtilWeb – new in RightFax 20.2


Email gateway enhancements

Regulating email traffic to ensure deliverability while maintaining network performance is crucial. RightFax 20.2 introduces two new features to help businesses control their fax-based email traffic: Email gateway scheduling and group-based email gateway assignments.

With email gateway scheduling, RightFax administrators can configure a gateway to send faxes at a specific time or range. This makes it easy to schedule large faxes after business hours, thus ensuring maximum channel availability during normal business hours.

Group-based email gateway assignments provided another means of controlling fax-based email traffic. Email gateways can be assigned to specific user groups to help manage fax-based email traffic, prevent email server spikes and ensure the performance and reliability of email server resources.


Group-based email gateways help organizations control the flow of fax information through email servers.


Outlook integration enhancements

For many organizations, Microsoft Outlook represents the gold standard in email applications. To help businesses maximize their investment in Outlook, we’ve redesigned our RightFax integration with Outlook. We’ve simplified the fax user experience by creating a RightFax UX with the look and feel of Outlook. The new integration is built on SMTP, so unlike foreign connectors, it’s lightning-fast. We’re also expanding support for Office365 and Exchange cached mode.



Web API enhancements

This release delivers a comprehensive update to the RightFax Web API that provides feature parity with core RightFax desktop applications. Our customers can leverage the Web API to create custom applications, integrations, and solutions to support business processes. Other benefits include:

  • Extends faxing capabilities to custom web and mobile applications
  • Strengthens brand recognition by customizing the look and feel of custom applications


Learn more

For more information on other features and functionality included in this release, please refer to the Release Notes for RightFax 20.2

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