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Workflows in RightFax 20.2

Processing incoming documents requires a lot of work. Often, they must be read and sorted, the data has to be captured, and then the document must be routed – in some cases with work being done by people in multiple departments and with varying administrative levels along the way. When performed manually, these tasks can be very inefficient, time-consuming, and error prone, leaving an organization with a workflow that doesn’t actually work.

RightFax 20.2 includes a new Workflows feature that allows system administrators to funnel incoming faxes into workflows that include specific employees or departments, making sure the only people that need to see the document can. Branching, exception handling, and rejections can be added to any workflow to accommodate the digital document processes of your company. Workflows also includes the addition of metadata tagging which helps organizations utilize their employees’ time to more efficiently collect the necessary information that can be used in back-office third-party applications such as EMRs or CRMs.

In this blog we will discuss some of the specific features available in Workflows for RightFax 20.2 and how they can help your organization consolidate its digital document process into one convenient place.

RightFax as a Data Capture Tool for Enhancing Workflows

Once system administrators have set up and assigned employees to a Workflow, users can tag inbound faxes with an unlimited amount of metadata. This turns the fax into actionable data that can be further processed by the third-party applications your organization uses day-to-day.

Some types of metadata that can be added to a fax include:

  • Patient and Invoice Numbers
  • Names, Locations, and Dates
  • Sales Representatives and Account Holders
  • Pricing and Billing Information
  • Routing and Contact Information

Assigning individual users or groups to specific Workflows can help your organization process and manage large numbers of incoming faxes across multiple groups of people, departments and administrative levels while efficiently retaining important data from each fax.


Keeping track of individual fax pages can be hard for an organization that receives hundreds or thousands of faxes each day. Important documents can be lost or mishandled leading to compliance issues, losses in revenue, or wasted time searching for a document that will have to be resent. 

Workflows in RightFax 20.2 includes streamlined tracking features for inbound faxes. Any fax that enters a Workflow and is assigned to a specific user or group can be tracked using status indicators and timers as well as warnings and notifications that can be sent to the responsible parties.

The new tracking capabilities that come with the Workflows feature help your organization maintain its efficiency mandates and help keep your employees from becoming overwhelmed with the onslaught of unsorted incoming faxes.


Employees’ time is an incredibly valuable resource for any organization and time lost having to manage incoming faxes is time that could have been spent on more focused and valuable tasks. Each inbound fax that is mismanaged, lost, or needs to be resent wastes resources and increases inefficiency.

The dedicated Workflows features in RightFax 20.2 help organizations make sure that inbound faxes are routed to the correct inbox where they can be processed by the right valued employee or group. System administrators can assign specific users to each workflow and track its progress with status indicators, timers, reminders, and warnings.

Exceptions in Workflows

No workflow is perfect and at times exceptions must be made to ensure that an inbound fax is processed correctly and efficiently. For example, an administrator can make an “Exception Workflow” that diverts faxes from one workflow to another and returns the fax to the original workflow once the issue, such as a price correction or name change, has been resolved.

Exceptions allow users to single out individual documents that need extra attention without fully removing them from their original workflow, maintaining their traceability and allowing users to operate with a necessary level of flexibility within their document processes.

Exceptions provide the ability to correct mistakes before the data enters a third-party application.

Fax Locking

RightFax 20.2 includes a new feature that “locks” a fax while metadata is being entered within a workflow to prevent multiple users from tagging a fax at the same time. Once the correct metadata has been entered, the fax is released back into the workflow and another user can tag the fax. This helps significantly reduce the number of errors that can occur when overlapping metadata is entered, changed or deleted by more than one user.

Fax locking is a simple, clear solution to data entry errors associated with unclear workflows and data entry responsibilities. Preventing overlapping metadata ensures that once a fax has exited a workflow, the metadata that enters a third-party application is accurate and not a duplicate.

A fax that is “locked” can still be viewed, but the metadata cannot be altered.


Workflows in RightFax 20.2 is built to help organizations meet the efficiency and compliance goals associated with their digital document processing agreements. The ability to assign certain faxes to specific users or groups, track their journey through a Workflow, add unlimited metadata to individual faxes, and integrate with third-party applications can help streamline a data capture process that was formerly tedious and time consuming.

If you’d like to know more about how Workflows in RightFax 20.2 can help your organization reach out to us and talk to a Workflows expert.

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