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When you attempt a Print-to-Fax function from the client, Error 1392 message appears.

  • You are not allowed to perform a client installation or use the Print-to-Fax capability
RightFax Printer Errors Message Appears:
Failed to create FaxCtrl printer: RFMSIAdd2 returned 1392:


The printer configuration is set to Microsoft Windows, not RightFax.
  1. Click on the printer icon (located on the taskbar)
  2. Go to the Printer Configuration
  3. Select the RightFax Printer
  4. Change the drop-down box to RightFax (instead of Windows)

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hipaaU.S. HIPAA regulations require health care organizations to be more efficient and to run their organizations more securely to enhance patient service and ensure the privacy and security of private personal health information.  Similar legislation specific to patient data exists in other countries such as Ontario, Canada's Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) of 2004, Section 60 of the UK's Health and Social Care Act of 2001, France's Medical Privacy Act, Article L1110-4 of 2002, or Spain's Basic Law 41/200 of 2002.  More general data privacy legislation in many countries also applies to patient information such as the European Union's Directive on Data Protection (95/46/EC) which is embodied in member countries' national legislation. 
Access to private health information must be limited and its confidentiality must be diligently protected. Secure systems and processes must be in place to provide information in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way to the people that need to use it to drive patient healthcare decisions. In addition, healthcare organizations need to provide a reliable audit trail for tracking and reporting communications.  OpenText RightFax is an essential part of many healthcare providers regulatory compliance regime, providing tamper resistant document delivery and receipt, encrypted and certified delivery options and full audit trails.


  1. Restricts Access to Protected Health Information
  2. Provides a Centralized Communications Hub For Protected Health Information
  3. Secure and Encrypted Electronic Delivery of Protected Health Information
  4. Tamper-resistant Information Transmission and Receipt
  5. Improved Health Information Tracking and Storage

An OpenText white paper provides a brief overview of HIPAA regulations and how healthcare organizations are using technology to assist with compliance. It discusses network faxing, explores some of the advantages of implementing a network fax solutions to support HIPAA compliance initiatives, and introduces OpenText RightFax as a flexible tool for improving the security and overall efficiency of document transmission processes.

For additional information or to speak with one of our software specialists please call us toll free at  1-866-730-1700 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RightFax Integrations Modules / Connectors

RightFax works with almost any application, fax-enabling the entire organization. In addition to software integrations, there are a number of custom-built modules that allow network faxing and/or secure document delivery from Multi-function Devices.
  • Off-loads long-term fax archival to a secure repository
  • Provides easy-to-use fax archival, search and retrieval capabilities
RightFax Small Business Edition with Microsoft Exchange Module
  • Permits fax sending, receiving and management throughMicrosoft Exchangeand Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Permits fax sending, receiving and management through IBM Lotus Notes
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Enables extended fax integration with MFPs from Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Konica Minolta, Sharp and Xerox
  • Offers integrations with multiple MFPs simultaneously
  • Converts PDF and PostScript files to fax format
  • Ideal for document-centric, Mac and graphic-intensive enterprises
  • Search text inside faxes stored in file shares, email attachments and more
  • Easily generate searchable PDFs from MFPs and software applications
  • Automatically deliver searchable PDFs to users, systems and workflows
  • Accurate distortion-resistant support for widely-used barcode formats
  • Perfect for forms-processing applications and multi-branch enterprises
  • Allows RightFax Enterprise Servers to share a single database
  • Enables improved load-balancing, system performance and database consolidation
RightFax Web Access
  • Allows fax sending, receiving and management through an Internet browser
  • Provides intuitive Microsoft .NET-based Web interface
RightFax XML Generator
  • Streamlines RightFax integration with third-party applications using industry standard XML
  • Outputs fax image files with fax metadata in XML format
RightFax Connector for FileNet P8
  • Provides inbound fax conversion, indexing, routing and storage in FileNet P8 and the automation of this process
  • Provides outbound faxing from FileNet P8 repository with annotations
  • Provides an interface from SAP ECC and SAP R/3 to the RightFax Server
  • Enables SAP users to send and receive faxes directly from SAPoffice and other SAP applications via SAPconnect
  • Supports SAP fax features for cover pages, broadcast fax and advanced fax controls
For additional information or to speak with one of our software specialists please call us toll free at 1-866-730-1700or email us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



RightFax Support Key Benefits:
  • Unlimited phone, email & remote technical support[8am - 8pm EST Mon. - Fri.]
  • Knowledge Center Access
  • Software Assurance and Service Releases
  • 24x7 support, Enterprise Support & Onsite Support (Optional)
  • Advance Replacement of Brooktrout & OpenText Hardware (Optional)


  • Why wait in a queue when you can speak or email a real IT person?  When surveyed, over 95% of our clients rated us "Outstanding" for both technical expertise and responsiveness.
  • Leverage our buying power to get you great RightFax support pricing.
  • With over 16 years experience with RightFax we have proven technical expertise from planning system upgrades and migrations to designing high availability solutions.  Let our staff work with you to map out your next upgrade with our best practices and avoid costly downtime with “undocumented” upgrade issues.
 Fax-Over-IP (FoIP), Fax Gateways, Fax Virtualization, RightFax Shared Services, Least Cost Routing, Cisco Fax, Avaya, ShoreTel, Mitel, and MFP  Fax integrations - This is the language we speak everyday with our clients. Call us at 866-730-1700 to speak with one of our Business Associates. Support for RightFax versions 10.6, 10.5, 10, 9.4, 9.3, 9.0, 8.7, 8.5, 8.0, 7.2, RightFax Helpdesk, RightFax Help Desk Support, RightFax Support

IX OT Partner

Building on the RightFax Partner of the Year award in 2011, we are extremely proud to be awarded the Information Exchange partner of the year for 2012 by OpenText! Not only were RightFax partners considered for this award, but also partners within the IX (Information Exchange) program (over 1,000) were judged based on performance, innovation, customer satisfaction and technical support. This achievement is truly significant, as it reinforces our belief that we have a great group of dedicated employees willing to go the extra mile for all our customers.


EpicCare EMR / EHR Integration with fax servers such as RightFax increases productivity, reduces labor, and minimizes paper waste. Together, EpicCare and RightFax can help consolidate business processes while keeping in accordance with HIPAA compliance initiatives. 

OpenText RightFax solution can help address the challenge of delivering and managing medical records and other documents by providing the tools to electronically send and receive documents from the desktop, automating document delivery from a variety of clinical and back-office applications, and organizing them for quick retrieval and archiving purposes. This provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility to securely distribute virtually any document from any application, using a centralized fax and document
management solution.



  • Support HIPAA and Regulatory Compliance
  • Cuts document delivery costs
  • Improves efficiency
  • Provides secure (encrypted) delivery of information
  • Reduce paper handling and manual processes

Clinical Platforms that Integrate with OpenText RightFax Solutions
Many clinical application vendors recommend using OpenText fax solutions alongside their systems so their customers can gain the most benefit from their platforms. This includes not onlyEMRandEHRplatforms, but also radiology, lab, pharmacy, and claims processing systems. Below is a sample of the clinical platforms that integrate with OpenText fax solutions.

Epic GE Healthcare Cerner NextGen IDX Healthcare
McKesson Nuance MedPlus Allscripts Healthland
Athena Health EpicCare Aprima Medical Vistar VIP MediTech
MediTab Software gloStream ABELMed CureMD Doctations
For additional information or to speak with one of our software specialists please call us toll free at  1-866-730-1700 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OpenText RightFax Internet Connector  service is a brand new way of faxing that eliminates phone charges and dramatically increases transmission speeds. RightFax Internet Connector extends the capabilities of RightFax 10.5. It transmits documents over an encrypted Internet connection between two RightFax 10.5 servers, bypassing the public switched telephone network (PSTN) entirely. The Rightfax Internet Connector uses encryption and inspection techniques to protect documents during transmission. Documents are transmitted as TIFF files with the tamper-proofing, privacy, and legal standard of traditional faxes.



rightfax 10.5 internet connector

Advantage Technologies Inc. 2011 OpenText Partner of the Year - New York, NY- OpenText has announced the availability of RightFax 10.5, which includes the fax industry's first Internet connector for transmitting faxes across the Internet, allowing users to send and receive faxes at Internet speeds with unmatched fidelity, scalability, and more intuitive administrative controls.

The new features in RightFax 10.5 exemplify OpenText's continuing leadership in enterprise fax solutions by helping organizations reduce costs, shorten their business cycles, enhance their business process workflows, and improve customer satisfaction by delivering faxes with better clarity and higher resolution at faster speeds than ever before. New application and device connectors allow users to innovate across the value chain by streamlining business processes. Improved image clean-up and updated user interfaces improve data readability and user satisfaction.

"The OpenText RightFax team has been busy developing many new features for the purpose of making faxing easier, faster and more secure for our customers," said Matthew Brine, Vice President and General Manager, OpenText Fax and Document Distribution Group. "While expanding upon the capabilities of RightFax servers, the latest features of RightFax 10.5 offers businesses new ways to fax while giving them an opportunity to meet and exceed their goals for cost savings and increased productivity. We are especially excited by our initiatives to take advantage of the OpenText Cloud and to leverage the EasyLink expertise."

Setting the Industry Standard for Speed and Security
The new RightFax Internet Connector marks a significant change in the face of the fax market by offering businesses tangible improvements to the way faxes are transmitted. By providing an internet connection point between two RightFax fax servers, the RightFax Internet Connector enables businesses to:

  • Decrease the cost of fax transmission- The RightFax Internet Connector provides a non-telephony route to send faxes to other RightFax users. The fax is routed via the connector to another RightFax Fax Server anywhere in the world, eliminating telephony charges.
  • Increase the speed of faxing- Because the fax is transmitted via the RightFax Internet Connector, businesses can now send hundreds of pages exponentially faster than via traditional faxing over the public switched network or PSTN.
  • Improve security and privacy- With the RightFax Internet Connector; faxing has never been more secure. Each RightFax fax number used by the RightFax Internet Connector is individually registered and verified, helping to ensure that each number belongs to the intended recipient. Each fax transmission is also encrypted for higher information security and privacy. RightFax is the first solution ever to offer this level of rigor in authenticating fax numbers.
Powerful New Integration Capabilities
OpenText has long been a market leader in providing the most current and extensive set of application and device connectors. RightFax 10.5 expands on this collection with the latest updates:
  • New interface - A Web Services API is now available to integrate with RightFax for custom applications independent of vendor, platform, and language.
  • OpenText eDOCS integration - An OpenText eDOCS connector is now available to support full functionality between OpenText eDOCS 5.3, OpenText's content management solution for law firms, and RightFax.
  • New SAP integration- SAP Connector now includes Unicode support and System Landscape Directory (SLD) registration.
  • New MFP integrations- A new personalized, interactive connector is now available for Hewlett-Packard OXPd devices.
Clear, Easy-to-Use Communications
OpenText strives not only to provide its customers with the most innovative and powerful solutions on the market, but is also the easiest to use. While RightFax 10.5 maintains the original faxed image for compliancy and user familiarity, significant enhancements have been made to the product's look and feel, including:
  • Image enhancements -RightFax now de-skews incoming fax images to help correct their orientation. In addition, images are de-noised to remove scan artifacts and transmission noise.
  • Improved user interface -The overall look and feel of the RightFax FaxUtil, Web Client, and Enterprise Fax Manager have been redesigned and updated with new icons to provide a fresh look without changing the functionality to which users are accustomed.
Improved Performance and Scalability
RightFax 10.5 offers businesses several new enhancements that help improve performance and scalability in any RightFax environment.
  • New hierarchical image file storage - Each fax images is stored in its own individual subfolder, facilitating consistent server performance over time.
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) for outbound faxes - RightFax now leverages MSMQ for scheduling and delivering outbound faxes, which efficiently processes high volumes of documents, and allows full scalability and utilization of RightFax licensed channels.

OpenText RightFax 10.5 is now available directly from Advantage Technologies, Inc.  For further information on OpenText RightFax solutions and a complete list of integrations and connectors, please visit http://www.ATechnologies.com/rightfax-10-5-fax-server-new.html or call us Toll Free at 866-730-1700.

About Advantage Technologies Inc. 
Advantage Technologies is a leader in complex integrations. For over 14 years Advantage Technologies Inc. has been considered one of the leading providers and integrators of E-Document delivery solutions, including Business Process Automation, Document Management, Fax Server and Capture solutions in the U.S.  Our team has worked with Fortune 1000 companies and insures that the solutions they require are designed and implemented to each customer’s exacting requirements.  Clients that work with us find a dedicated group of professionals ready to help your team move through projects as quickly as possible; while effectively communicating every step of the way. For more information, please visit us atwww.ATechnologies.com or call us Toll Free at 866-730-1700

RightFax makes faxing via email quick and easy. RightFax is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and SMTP email. RightFax also integrates with your cloud email solution including Google Apps and Office 365. Email to Fax joins the power of fax with the familiarity of email, helping enterprises achieve their unified messaging goals securely while improving communication efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Using RightFax, faxes can be sent as attachments in the most popular formats including PDF's, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. RightFax will send email notifications with an image / pdf attachment of the fax depending on your configuration. 

Fax documents can be filed, archived and searched just like any other email making them easy to retrieve.


email to fax

Regulatory Compliance
Attending a fax machine to prevent an unauthorized third party from intercepting the fax is an inefficient utilization of a knowledge-worker – save time and ensure security by delivering faxes directly to the designated inbox. Confirm and document the receipt of information which is important for compliance with Federal and State regulations. Benefit from advanced document tracking and fax notifications through Outlook – there are a wide variety of notifications on both inbound and outbound faxes that can be set up to enable users to track the status of faxes, ensure that important information reaches the intended recipient, and trigger automated business processes.
Increased Mobility
Using integrated fax server software, send and receive faxes with any Internet-enabled device, whether you are using a desktop, laptop, cell phone, or even a PDA. Waiting at the office to receive an important fax can interfere with other business priorities, but by enabling email fax, experience a new form of mobility. With integrated fax software, be where you need to be to focus on your business, rather than being anchored down by traditional faxing methods. Never fail to receive an important fax again, no matter where you are.
For additional information or to speak with one of our software specialists please call us toll free at 1-866-730-1700 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More healthcare organizations and medical institutions use OpenText RightFax to help insure HIPAA compliance than any other fax server or automated document delivery solution in the U.S. Advantage Technologies has successfully implemented large scale and departmental fax solutions, while insuring a smooth transition process from paper based faxing. The key to the success of these projects has been to insure that a consultative process is employed from the onset of the project, to truly understand the workflow and inherent challenges within each department throughout the


  • Simple integration with many medical/healthcare industry applications like EPICVISTAR VIP SYSTEMS, and NUANCE HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS, document management and EMR systems allows for fax server systems consolidation, consistent end user experience, and administration
  • Automatic inbound digital delivery of medical records, radiology reports, and patient information to various end users and departments, help insure HIPAA compliance
  • Save time and money by reducing and eliminating paper, paper handing, and paper-based processing
  • API/SDK offering allows users to integrate faxing with any "home grown" application
  • High availability, load balancing over multiple systems for fast, seamless systems recovery
  • Integration with the leading IP-based phone systems like Cisco, Alcatel, Nortel, and Avaya
  • Affordable and scalable for any size organization and requirement needs; with a fast ROI


Over 20 years of experience in the industry, and more than 10,000 healthcare installations around the world, makes OpenText the leading fax server vendor for healthcare. With fax integrations with most of the leading EMR vendors, OpenText helps thousands of healthcare organizations reduce costs, integrate systems, and increase productivity every day. RightFax allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Fax directly from desktop, EMR/EHR, ancillary, and back-office applications
  • Eliminate time consuming and inefficient manual processes
  • Manage confidential information in a secure, reliable, and electronic format

Applications for RightFax within healthcare organizations
RightFax easily integrates with a variety of healthcare software packages as well as desktop, email, imaging, archiving, document management, and mainframe applications to provide tightly integrated fax server and electronic document delivery solutions for the healthcare industry.

For additional information or to speak with one of our software specialists please call us toll free at  1-866-730-1700 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

RightFax fax server software improves the flow of your company's vital information by automating business-critical fax and document distribution. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, the RightFax network fax server increases employee productivity and decreases paper-based operational costs.

Your business faces increasing pressure to improve employee and process productivity, and to reduce operational costs. OpenText RightFax meets these challenges by integrating and automating fax and document distribution with your existing business applications. This lets you reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and decrease risks associated with stand-alone fax machines and unsecure email communications.

RightFax, the market-leading network fax server solution, automates time-intensive manual paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems. Learn how the benefits of RightFax save you time and money by redefining and modernizing fax and document distribution within your company.

Now more than ever your organization needs to:

  • Lower costs
  • Increase employee efficiency with fax to email and email to fax
  • Integrate fax seamlessly from within business applications
  • Send and receive faxes by integrating fax with your MFPs/MFDs
  • Unify communications for voice, data and fax
  • Prove compliance and improve audit-readiness 
RightFax fax software has met these needs for 25 years. It continues to lead the market by integrating secure fax automation into email, front offices, back offices, the web, MFPs, and nearly any system or application.
For additional information or to speak with one of our software specialists please call us toll free at  1-866-730-1700 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

If an upgrade of .NET is required on your RightFax server, we recommend performing the upgrade in a test environment, and testing key
functionality within the environment to ensure no problems arise. Newer versions of .NET are meant to be backwards compatible with applications that
use older versions of the framework. Even so, updates to the .NET framework can cause unforeseen issues, and therefore we typically recommend
running the version of .NET on your server that was used to compile your version of RightFax.

.NET Version RightFax Versions
1.1 9.3 Base through 9.3 FP2
2.0 9.3 FP2 through 9.3 FP2 SR6
3.5 9.4 All Versions
4.0 10.0 All Versions
10.5 Base through 10.5 FP1 SR5
4.5 10.5 FP1 SR5
10.6 All Versions

RightFax equires the .NET framework for various functions. Some modules where developed ith .NET:

  • RightFax Remoting Service
  • RightFax Licensing Service
  • RightFax Sync Module (formerly Capasync)
  • RightFax Conversion Engine
  • RightFax EWS Connector
  • RightFax Exchange Connector

Other modules use .NET libraries for various functions, but ae not included in this list.

Please visit this Microsoft article or more information about general .NET version compatibility. If any problems rise when upgrading the .NET framework on your RightFax server, please contact s at 866-730-1700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

Data breaches are on the rise. Internal breaches and external threats leaves your private information at risk. It is critical now more than ever to have your data encrypted if your organization is constantly exchanging protected information. If you send faxes with confidential information, such as health records and contracts, then you need the RightFax Encryption module.

The RightFax Encryption Module is a brand new, optional module, made available in RightFax 10.6This module adds an additional layer of security by preventing any unauthorized viewing of fax images in the RightFax Image Directory. The RightFax Encryption Module was featured in one of our recent blog posts‘Top 5 Modules You May Not Know About’.

The RightFax Encryption Module adds an additional layer of protection for fax images by:

  • Encrypting both inbound and outbound fax images while they are stored in the RightFax Image Directory.
  • Encrypts all data at rest with TripleDES 192-bit security
  • Tracking and recording all access for audit purposes

The RightFax Encryption Module is perfect for:

  • Anyone exchanging protected or sensitive information such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS
  • Anyone seeking an extra layer of protection of fax images and content
  • Anyone with internal data breach concerns

Please view this PDF to read more about the RightFax Encryption Module.

Did you know that RightFax is compatible with nearly all multifunctional printers/devices? RightFax is able to do this through the SMTP or XML Connector (Universal Interface) This connector is supported on any MFP device that has scan-to-email capabilities. The Universal Interface allows you to:

  • Send a fax from device
  • Print a fax notification back to device
  • Retain full audit trail, archiving, and privacy
  • Include a custom fax cover sheet

OpenText partners with industry-leading MFP and MFD vendors, bringing advanced RightFax integration to devices from Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta and HP. This allows bi-directional communication between RightFax and the device's control panel for personalized sign-on and preferences. This advanced functionality is called the RightFax Personal Interface.

The RightFax Personal Interface allows you to*:

  • Provide an interactive experience with RightFax at the MFP control panel
  • Personalize each MFP user's experience with individual fax account settings, user phonebook, notification preferences, and billing code lookup
  • Notify users of successful fax delivery via any RightFax method, including email, SMS, printout, etc.
  • Authenticate users at the MFP with single sign on (SSO) so users provide the same credentials they use on their computer
  • Swipe a security badge to log in with card-based authentication
  • Include custom cover sheets on a per-group or per-user basis
  • Send an email from an MFP easily

*Features may vary slightly by make/model.

Please visit our RightFax MFP Module page to read more on the features and benefits of MFP/MFD integration.