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recent article was published about the issues the Pentagon is facing with their fax machine. Earlier this year, the U.S. cut $85 billion from the federal budget. Investigative journalists have found that a fax machine at the Defense Department headquarters has not been functioning for 3 weeks now, and is hindering the ability for reporters to file Freedom of Information Act requests with the military. Not only that, this lone fax machine is the only machine that handles these FOIA requests. The machine may be out for another month!

If the Pentagon had invested in a RightFax solution, there would never be a moment when the fax machine is “broken”. For those organizations where faxing is critical, the ability to prevent downtime with their fax server is very important. The fax server performs your mission critical tasks of distributing documents, which then facilitates other aspects of the business and various business transactions. If faxing is not available, you put at risk your business operations that could then affect profitability. Fax server redundancy and disaster recovery is crucial, so that there is no interruption of service.

There are multiple options for fax server redundancy. They are:

Shared Services: A RightFax system with between two and four servers in which all servers share the same database. Events in the event queue are shared amongst the OpenText Fax Server in the 'Server Collective'. In the event of a failure of one of the systems in the 'Server Collective' the remaining systems continue to process fax jobs.

DocTransport Backup: A RightFax system in which DocTransport (formerly BoardServer) modules are installed on multiple remote servers to distribute the workload across several servers, provide expanded channel capacity and telephony redundancy. If one DocTransport backup goes down the Open Text Fax Server will automatically transfer its workload to the remaining DocTransport Servers.

Cold Spare: A RightFax System pre-installed on a secondary server system intended for use in the event of a disaster, shutdown or failure of the primary OpenText RightFax. A Cold Spare is not used in production but is available to expedite recovery time.

Active/Passive Clustering: RightFax software is installed on a passive node in an active-passive cluster. In the event the primary active" fax server fails, the secondary "passive" server is activated to continue to process fax documents.

To limit the risks to your business should a fax server crash, it is essential to have a redundant solution in place to provide continuity of your fax communications. Hey, we would be willing to give the cash strapped Pentagon a free RightFax server if we could only find the right person to speak to… but that’s a separate discussion.


OpenText announced yesterday that it has been named a leader across multiple categories in the Computer-based Fax Markets, 2012-2017 report that was recently published by fax industry analyst firm, Davidson Consulting. OpenText is recognized as the #1 provider of fax servers, the #1 FoIP supplier, #1 production fax server supplier and the #1 provider of Enterprise Fax Service. OpenText continues to strengthen its position as the market leader in messaging services, while moving to the forefront of the rapidly emerging hybrid faxing market forecasted to "more than double in size by 2017*. Advantage Technologies was previously recognized as OpenText’s IX Partner of the Year, with demonstrated success in computer-based fax markets.

According to Davidson Consulting, hybrid faxing is the “hottest part of the computer fax market.”* combines systems of fax servers and hosted
fax services* and is becoming a popular solution for organizations that seek moving services to the cloud. A hybrid fax solution helps to increase efficiencies and cost effectiveness in fax communication.

RightFax Connect is OpenText’s hybrid fax solution product.   In this hybrid solution, some portion of the software resides on-premise and some is provided as a service, via the cloud. The telephony is hosted; it is outsourced to the clouds, freeing your IT staff from maintaining telephony for faxing.

RightFax Connect allows you to:

  • Deploy faster than most on-premise solutions.
  • Remove the need for a telephone infrastructure (saving money on telephone lines, fax boards, fax gateways and maintenance contracts)
  • Support a number of secure communication protocols including VPN, IPSec, TLS/SSL, and HTTPS
  • Retain full control over your on-premise RightFax server and data-even when transmitting via the cloud.

For information about RightFax Connect, please visit our RightFax Connect page. For our other RightFax Cloud Options, please visit our RightFax Cloud Solutions page.

Please visit our RightFax Webinars page to download the RightFax Cloud Options webinar. Feel free to check out our other webinars. Stay tuned to our website, as we will be posting a registration link in the next few days for a RightFax Connect webinar that we will be hosting on September 24th.

To view the original PR Newswire press release, please click here.

*Davidson Consulting, "Computer-Based Fax Markets, 2012-2017," Peter Davidson and Deborah Peckham, July 2013

Problem: Whenever I try to install the RightFax Client software or configure a fax printer on my workstation, I get a 1797 error. What's going on?


1. Open printers from the Control Panel.
2. Create a new printer with the following properties:
3. Port = FILE:
4. Driver = HP LaserJet 4
5. Printer Name = HP LaserJet 4
6. Sharing = Not Shared
7. Test Page = No


Now try re-installing the client or creating the fax printer.

Note: Once the client/printer has been installed successfully, you may delete the "HP LaserJet 4" printer.


OpenText is pleased to announce the release of RightFax 10.5 Feature Pack 1 Service Release 3.


Service Release 3 is a cumulative update containing a collection of bug fixes. OpenText recommends the installation of Service Release 3 for all RightFax 10.5 Feature Pack 1 server and client installations. It includes a number of important fixes which may be essential to the operating environment. For a complete list of fixed issues and installation instructions, refer to the Readme.

Our customers can download Service Release 3 from the OpenText Knowledge Center* by visiting the following link:

If you are having issues locating the proper page, please copy and paste the URL into your browser. The download files can be found under the RightFax 10.5 dropdown menu.

*Note: Active RightFax support is required in order to access to the OpenText Knowledge Center. If you would like to inquire about obtaining RightFax support, please fill out ourSupport Quote Request form. To learn more about RightFax support, please visit our RightFax Support page.

We can provide you with professional services, should you require assistance in updating your RightFax 10.5 server. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-866-730-1700.

RightFax FaxUtil is an easy to use interface for RightFax, allowing users to manage faxes from their desktop. The intuitive graphics gives the user an easier understanding of the different features of RightFax. There are pop-up descriptions as the user navigates the program. Users can even customize their toolbar, allowing them to select what buttons they would like to have available. The user can even customize the different views, to suit individual preferences.  

The Enterprise Fax Manager has been updated with better graphics, making it more intuitive and easy to use. These enhancements help to increase user productivity, by making it easier for the user to navigate the RightFax FaxUtil and Enterprise Fax Mananger.

Below is a short video showcasing the user interface of RightFax FaxUtil:


 For more features and benefits of RightFax, please click here: RightFax Benefits

Summary: In Fax Server, RightFax Edition 9.x, when FaxUtil is opened, an error message appears.



Perform the following steps:

1. In Enterprise Fax Manager or Windows Services, check that the RPC Server Module service is running on the RightFax server.

2. Verify that the client cannot communciate with the RightFax server over specific TCP/IP ports. If you select Named Pipes as the protocol, the utility works properly.

3. To use TCP/IP, follow the steps in Knowledge base article 16219813 to reserve ports on the RightFax server. 

4. Once you have set up the registry using Knowledge base article 16219813, reboot the RightFax server.

NOTE: On some rare occasions, the ports may need to be reserved on the client workstation experiencing the issue. Please contact Advantage Support for more information.




When logging in to FaxUtil with an administrator account, you are able to view the list of faxes in other
users' folders, but receive the following error message when you attempt to view open any of the faxes:
"Access Denied. If you are a delegate of this user, please request that the delegator grant you this


1. Log on to Enterprise Fax Manager using another administrator account.2. Edit the user account that is having this problem.
3. On the Permissions tab, place a check mark in the Administrator can bypass privacy restrictions checkbox.

The Administrator can bypass privacy restrictions option gives users that have theAdministrative Access option selected the additional ability to view faxes in other users' mailboxes. Only an administrator that has this permission enabled can grant this permission to other users.

Warning: If you uncheck the Administrator can bypass privacy restrictions checkbox on all administrator accounts, you will lose the ability to enable this option in any user account. For this reason, you should always ensure there is at least one account with this option enabled. If you have disabled this option on all user accounts  you can no longer enable this setting for any users, please contact Advantage Technologies Support for a workaround.

If you missed our webinar presentation, 'Introduction to Application Integration with RightFax', you can download it from our website by clicking here. Sam Krasznai of Advantage Technologies explained the features and benefits of inbound vs outbound integration. Integrate from a variety of industry and custom applications such as:

-Lotus Notes 
-Microsoft Exchange 
-custom API integration  

For additional information about RightFax Integrations, please visit our Integrations with RightFax page by clicking here. If you would like to download an informative whitepaper about RightFax Integrations, please click here.

For some organizations, the ability to route fax documents to the proper recipients is an important part of their business processes. While routing by telephony resources is an option, bar code character recognition may be appropriate.

RightFax Bar Code Routing offers the ability to interpret bar codes directly from fax cover sheets or other standard business forms, which are then automatically routed to the correct recipient for timely and error-proof processing. Bar code fonts are widely available; meaning organizations that do not use codes today can initiate this method into their strategic business process plans. The result is a lower TCO solution that streamlines the recognition and routi
ng process, increasing productivity and eliminating costly errors. Organizations will recognize immediate benefits in turn-round times; a bolstering of document compliance objectives as a result, and an increased fax server ROI. 

Some of the benefits realized with the RightFax Bar Code Routing module:

Lower Costs

  • Significantly less than other fee based telephony routing methods. 
  • One time cost versus monthly or annual fee
  • Eliminates staffing requirements associated with manual fax routing

Increase in Efficiency and Productivity

  • Provides reliable routing method that eliminates errors associated with user-based manual routing
  • Initiates and speeds workflow processes and order processing by automating fax routing

Enhanced Security and Compliance

  • Provides seamless routing to users, groups or shared network folder
  • Facilitates compliance with regulatory mandates

There are a number of barcodes that are supported for barcode routing. Some of them include:

  • I2of5
  • UPCE 
  • UPCA
  • CodeBar

To see the list of supported barcodes and their descriptions, as well as more information about barcode routing, please click here.

Why are my Microsoft Office .doc or .docx files not converting in RightFax?
This can happen for several resons. First, you will need to confirm the RightFax server has the appropriate version of Microsoft Office installed (Office 2007 or 2010 is required for .docx conversions). Second, try logging into the server using the dedicated RF service account, which is a domain account with local admin rights on the RightFax server. Verify that you can open MS Office files without the appearance of any pop-ups. If problems persist after verifying these items, then please contact the helpdesk at 212-717-7700

RightFax Microsoft Update KB961501 Disables HPFAX Printing


In Fax Server 7.x or later, RightFax Edition, when you attempt to print a document to the HPFAX Queue, the document is not printed, and a warning message appears in the Windows Event Viewer Application log.


The fax is not processed into RightFax, and the following warning message appears in the Application log:

Event Type: Warning 
Event Source: RightFax Queue Handler 
Event Category: None 
Event ID: 3316 
Date: 6/11/2009 
Time: 2:49:33 PM 
User: N/A 
Computer: VKOMODO 
PHT:Job separator invalid, job discarded. Attempting to automatically correct separator setting for queue.


PHT:Job separator invalid, job discarded. Attempting to automatically correct separator setting for queue.


After Microsoft Hotfix KB961501 is applied, separator pages can only be placed in specific locations. The old location for RightFax separator pages, RightFax\Bin\, is no longer allowed.


To resolve this issue, select the solution for your RightFax version:

RightFax 10.0 No action is required. RightFax 10.0 is not affected by this issue.
RightFax 9.4 This issue is fixed in RightFax 9.4 Feature Pack 1.
RightFax 9.3 Download the patch in OpenText Customer Support Technical Alert 10512009, located below.
RightFax 9.0 Download the patch in OpenText Customer Support Technical Alert 10512009, located below.
RightFax 8.7 or earlier Upgrade to a later version of RightFax.

Fax Server - "Processed -502 messages but returned error -502 - Server unreachable (Mail Server) for the 0 in the batch" Message Appears in Windows Application Log.


In Fax Server, RightFax Edition, using the RightFax Email Gateway, you may see the following event logged repeatedly in your Windows Application Log. Why does this error message appear, and how do you resolve it?

Error Message:

In Windows Application Log:

Event Type:                    Warning 

Event Source:                 RightFax E-mail Gateway Module 
Event Category:             None 
Event ID:                       3317 
Date:                              Date Value 
Time:                             Time Value 
User:                              N/A 
Computer:                     ServerName 
Description:                   CPTF:Processed -502 messages but returned error -502 - Server unreachable:                                       (Mail Server) for the 0 in the batch 


The RightFax Email Gateway is configured for SMTP, with a delivery direction of outbound, but no valid POP3 account details have been configured. Solution: Do not configure the RightFax Email Gateway for SMTP with a delivery direction of Outbound with Notifications if you are not sending outbound emails to Fax, or when no valid POP3 account information is configured. 

If the Gateway is being used only for notifications, set the delivery direction to Inbound (not Outbound with Notifications). Notifications are considered inbound messages, so this is the correct delivery direction configuration to route them to users' mail boxes. 

ummary: When you attempt to open a connection from Enterprise Fax Manager to a RightFax server on another computer, you may receive the following error message:

"Unable to read the registry of server SERVERNAME.
This is necessary to establish basic information about the NT server and
how to further communicate with the fax server software. (error code 53)."

Solution: The following items may prevent the remote registry access to a remote server, and will prevent viewing the server remotely from Enterprise Fax Manager:

1. The user account under which EFM.EXE is launched does not have Local Administrator rights on the server. This is the account you logged on to the server with when you launched Enterprise Fax Manager.

2. Remote Registry service is not running on the server you are trying to access.

3. The user running EFM.EXE is not in the Access Control List (ACL) for the following registry key on the server:


Note: By default local Administrators group is added to this ACL.

For more information, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

Article 153183: How to restrict access to the registry from a remote computer

4. The user, or the group to which the user belongs, has been added to Security Policy "Deny access to this computer from the network."

5. The user, or all groups to which the user belongs, have been removed from the Security Policy "Access this computer from the network."

Other issues that may cause this are related to Microsoft Windows security settings or policies, and may require the assistance of Microsoft Technical Support.



Fax images delivered to SharePoint libraries can now conform to enterprise document policies, security and life-cycle management, providing improved compliance and accessibility.

Since a captured fax image is typically the start of a business process needing automation, RightFax easily enables automatic import of fax images sent from MFPs and scanners. Fax images imported from RightFax automatically populate configured SharePoint libraries so users can select files for additional business processes using, routing, OCR and data workflow systems. 

RightFax Connector for SharePoint benefits include:

  • Capture fax images instantly and securely in document libraries.
  • Notify users of document arrival via alerts.
  • Apply standard document policies, security, and life cycle management across the enterprise.
  • Enable document and information collaboration.
  • Integrate images and data into automated routing.
  • Leverage existing investments in IT Infrastructure.
  • Integrate information into an enterprise search.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office SharePoint Sever 2007 and 2010.
  • Full text search.

Please visit our Microsoft SharePoint Connector page to learn more, and to see the new features for the SharePoint Connector in RightFax 10.5 Feature Pack 1.


If you missed our webinar presentation about the various RightFax Cloud Options on May 21st, you can download it from our website by clicking here. We had Ken Romo, Solutions Architect at OpenText co-host with Jim Marrone of Advantage Technologies, discussing the different cloud deployment methods we have to offer for your organization. Ken and Jim outlined the following configurations for RightFax:

       - RightFax On-Premise solution
       - RightFax OnDemand - fully hosted turnkey solution
       - RightFax Hybrid Solution of on-premise software and cloud-based telephony solution
For additional information about RightFax in the Cloud, please visit our RightFax Cloud Options page by clicking here.

We at Advantage Technologies are proud to announce that we have achieved Silver Partner Status in the Microsoft Partner Network. This new partnership level confirms our commitment to support Microsoft platforms and technologies. In order to earn Microsoft Silver Status, our engineers completed a set of tests to prove their level of technological expertise. We were also required to submit customer references and employ a required number of Microsoft Certified Professionals who are skilled on current technologies relevant for the competency. 

“By achieving a Silver Competency, partners have proven themselves as specialized technology experts with the skills needed to best serve customers,” said Jon Roskill, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. “The Silver Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network is designed to help customers identify services and solution providers that have demonstrated proof of their capability to deliver quality outcomes and customer satisfaction.”

With this achievement, and as part of the Microsoft Partner Network, our Microsoft Certified engineers gain first hand access to resources and the latest technologies needed to build innovative solutions in order to provide our customers with extraordinary service. This accomplishment strengthens our expertise in delivering leadingRightFaxFoIP and Alchemy solutions and support.


The RightFax Integration Module is growing in popularity among our customers. The Integration module ties back-end systems into RightFax to automatically deliver documents by:
•    Fax
•    Email
•    Print
•    SMS
•    Certified mail 
•    Encrypted email

Delivery from Oracle, SAP, ERP, and CRM systems is easily customizable with RightFax facsimile command language (FCL), XML, Java, and more. To learn more about the Integration Module, please click here.

Why can't I receive faxes with more than 30 pages?
In RightFax, you are not able to receive faxes over 30 pages in lenght. How do you configure RightFax to receive faxes that are longer than 30 pages.
If you are using a Brooktrout TR1034 fax board, edit the BTCall.cfg file, which is found in the ...\RightFax\DocTransport\Brooktrout\ folder. The BTCall.cfg file contains a parameter called "max_pagelist," which specifies the maximum number of pages allowed for storing results during a call. By default, the value of this parameter is "30," which limits faxes to thirty pages.
To allow reception of faxes containing more than 30 pages, complete the following steps:
  1. Stop the DocTransport Module (service)
  2. Edit the BTCall.cfg file. Change the value of max_pagelist to 1024. Save your changes
  3. Restart the DocTransport module

Excessive Memory Usage by the RightFax SMTP Gateway


The following can occur:

  • Excessive memory usage by SMTPGateway.exe is indicated in Task Manager
  • the fax server is running slow
  • Error messages that relate to connectivity and the SMTP server appear in Event Viewer
  • Error messages that relate to undelivered SMTP messages appear in Event Viewer
  • Work requests accumulate in GenMailRte and/or GenMailMsg


Event 3317, RightFax Email Gateway Module:

Unable to contact SMTP server- requeue for a later retry attempt.

Returned error code 536875524 (0x20001204)


The following are possible causes:

  • There is a loss of connectivity to the SMTP server
  • An incorrect SMTP server address is configured in the gateway
  • Incorrect authentication information is configured in the gateway


Perform the following steps:

  1. Check for a loss of connectivity to the SMTP server.
  2. Ensure that the correct SMTP server address is configured in the gateway.
  3. Ensure that the correct authentication information is configured in the gateway.
  4. Determine if RightFax has been excluded from virus scanning software.


SMTP gateway, memory, memory usage, memory leak, SMTP leak, SMTP troubleshooting

Organizations depend on fax for secure, compliant, auditable, and reliable communications. Fax use is expected to remain high, and will increase yearly as millions of business-critical documents continue to be faxed every day.  With voice over IP (VoIP) now commonplace, fax over IP (FoIP) allows organizations to exchange high volumes of these business-critical documents over their VoIP networks.

For companies extending communication strategies with IP-based document delivery, using software-only fax solutions such as RightFax helps facilitate these efforts.  This also future-proofs an IP network investment by providing a scalable architecture and easing the transition from traditional PSTN to IP communications. Importantly, RightFax integrates directly with all the most popular business systems, including those provided by market leader CISCO. RightFax 10.5 is duly certified by CISCO to work with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and Unity Connection version 9, and has been recently approved for CISCO’s Solutions Incentive Program (SIP). RightFax 10.6 is now tested and certified with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 10.5 and Unity Connection 10.

Effective FoIP solutions leverage IP network resources, enhance unified communications, and speed investment returns on IP equipment and VoIP applications. Additional benefits include:

  •     Improved document and communication security
  •     Reduced document delivery costs
  •     Resource consolidation
  •     Simplified IT management
  •     Bridged data and voice networks
  •     Enhanced compliance (i.e. with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA)
  •     Server virtualization

Centralizing and consolidating fax also reduces administrative costs, eliminates fax machines and consumables (often by leveraging MFPs), and unifies voice, fax, and data onto a single network.


(Originally posted on OpenText Fax Solutions Blog)