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RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 1 Service Release 3 is Now Available

This release is a cumulative update containing a collection of bug fixes for RightFax 10.6. OpenText recommends the installation of Service Releases for all applicable RightFax server and client installations. They include a number of important fixes which may be essential to the operating environment.

Use the link* below for the RightFax download files, as well as further documentation:


*Note: Active RightFax support is required in order to access the OpenText Knowledge Center. If you would like to learn more about this update, or about RightFax support, please contact your Advantage Representative.

End of Support Looming for RightFax and Windows Server Products

RightFax 10.0 no longer under Current Maintenance as of July 2015RightFax 10.0 will be entering Sustaining Maintenance as of July 2015. That means OpenText will no longer create any new patches or fixes for RightFax 10.0. For assistance upgrading your RightFax server to the current version, please contact your Advantage representative, or by replying to this email.

Do you know if your version of RightFax is still under current maintenance? Please visit our blog to view the RightFax Product Lifecycle Matrix.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Support is Ending July 14, 2015
Please take note that as of July 14, 2015, Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003 will end. This update will affect those users running RightFax 9.4 or earlier on Windows Server 2003. End of Support for Windows Server 2003 means there will be:

  • No updates developed or released.
  • No compliance and lack of compliance with standards and regulations.
  • No safe haven because virtualized and physical instances of Windows Server 2003 will be vulnerable.

Please ensure that your business has a plan to migrate the applications and workloads currently relying on Windows Server 2003 onto Windows Server 2012 R2. If you require assistance in migrating your RightFax server, then you may be interested in our Professional Services.

Discontinuation of Selected Dialogic Boards Effective December 31, 2015

The following Dialogic Fax Boards will no longer be offered for sale as these boards are being discontinued by the manufacturer. We will continue to offer Advanced Replacement Support on these discontinued boards until December 31, 2020. Dialogic will continue to offer Warranty repair support on these boards until the same date.

Discontinued Dialogic Fax Board Suggested Replacement Dialogic Fax Board
TR1034+E2-2L HALF TR1034+ELP2-2L
TR1034+E4-4L TR1034+ELP4-4L
TR1034+E8-8 TR1034+ELP4-4L (would require 2 boards)
TR1034+E4C HALF None
TR034+E4D HALF None