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What is FaxPulse?

FaxPulse is a service providing customers a way of determining if inbound fax transmissions are being received by their on-premise telephone equipment, telephone service provider, and fax system(s). FaxPulse systematically attempts to send a fax transmission throughout the day to specific inbound fax number(s) assigned on their system. The service provides an email notification to help verify whether faxes are being received successfully.

Can I receive delivery status failed and successful fax deliveries made by the FaxPulse service?

While most customers only want to be notified on failed attempts, customers can choose to receive fax delivery status emails on both successful and failed deliveries.

Our faxes are critical; is the FaxPulse service redundant and highly-available?

We leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud service for hosting our FaxPulse software, as well as multiple cloud fax service providers for high availability.

How many inbound fax numbers (DIDs) can I have assigned to my FaxPulse account?

You can assign all of your fax numbers, there is no limit.

How many email addressed can have assigned to receive the delivery the FaxPulse fax delivery notifications?

Only one email can be assigned to your FaxPulse account, however, that email can be a distribution list that then sends that email out to whomever is on the list.

What happens if we receive an error report that states the fax delivery sent by the FaxPulse services was not deliver to my fax system?

At that point, you would contact Advantage Technologies helpdesk to have a technician follow up with the error.

What is pricing for the service?

Pricing is based on the number of faxes sent in a year, plus a charge per DID. Please contact your Advantage sales rep for detailed pricing information.

How often can I have a fax sent to my fax server system?

The frequency of notifications depends on your needs. Advantage Technologies recommends a pulse every hour.

Can I change the inbound fax numbers (DIDs) I want FaxPulse faxes sent to?

Yes, your numbers can be changed. Send an email to the Advantage Technologies helpdesk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) requesting a change of the inbound DID and it will be changed within 2 business days.

Can I co-term the service contract with my existing RightFax software support end date(s)?

The service can be co-termed to your RightFax software support end dates.

Can I purchase a multi-year FaxPulse service contract?

Just like you can purchase multi-year RightFax support, you can do the same for the FaxPulse service.

Can I choose when faxes are sent to the system; meaning can the system send faxes only on business days, not weekends or holidays?

Right now this is not a feature of the software. Emails are sent based on the interval that is set.

Can I receive monthly reports that show me details on every delivery attempt made and its’ delivery status?

Right now this is not a feature of the software, but may be so in the future.

Is there a web-based interface so that I can change email addresses and fax numbers at any time?

No, you would need to contact the Advantage Technologies help desk for any changes to your account. There may be a customer facing interface in the future.

Is there a web-based interface that will allow us to monitor delivery status in real-time?

At this point in time there is no way to monitor delivery status in real time.