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Introduction to RightFax

Chapter 5: Add-on Modules

Advantage Insights:

  • Introduce the top add-on modules for OpenText RightFax
  • Show how RightFax can provide a flexible, extensible, scalable system architecture
  • Explain the benefits of the extra functionality and workflow enablement add-on modules provide

Add-on Modules

Often provided as optional modules above and beyond the RightFax’s core offering, add-on modules can be added for extra functionality and workflow enablement. Providing flexible, extensible, scalable architecture and options for growth to meet the needs of all businesses, great and small, compare available add-on solutions below to learn how you can increase the power of a RightFax system:

Shared Services Module

The RightFax Shared Services Module enables two to twelve RightFax Servers to operate as a single unit by sharing a single database. It increases performance and capacity by distributing workloads across servers. The module adds high availability and disaster recovery capabilities through duplication of critical system functions, so it can keep running even if sites or servers go offline.

Workflow Platform for RightFax

Documentation is an unavoidable part of doing business, but in industries like health care and financial services, keeping track of sensitive personal information can start to feel like herding cats. The Workflow Platform for RightFax maximizes the value of your organization’s fax documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents while integrating them with a wide variety of back-end systems.  You can configure workflows so fax metadata can be added to the fax before it is moved to its next flow point.  The entire workflow is audited in the fax history.

Integration Module

The RightFax Integration Module ties back-end systems into RightFax to automatically deliver documents by fax, email, print, SMS, certified email, or certified and encrypted email. Delivery from Oracle, SAP, ERP, and CRM systems is easily customizable with RightFax facsimile command language (FCL), XML, Java, and more. Delivery confirmation and audit trail data can be inserted into ERP and other back-office applications.

Why is Digital Fax Important?

Not all faxing systems are the same. Organizations that rely on fax cannot afford to lose, misplace or have faxes not delivered/received in a timely manner. That is why overall system architecture is important when considering fax server options. Properly deployed, enterprise quality fax systems have proven to maintain extremely high degrees of system reliability because of the numerous built-in fail-safes that ultimately protect faxes from being lost, delayed or accidentally deleted.

  • 100% on-premise deployment installs an on-premise RightFax server and uses on-premises telephony for electronic faxing.
  • Everything is maintained in-house and on-premise.
  • Can connect with virtually any type of existing telephone network.
  • Gives organizations 100% control over their fax environment.
  • Includes Analog lines, Digital Lines, POTS, DID, T1/E1, PRI/BRI, SIP Trunk, VoIP

Encryption Module

A new licensed module which encrypts all fax images in the RightFax image directory, encrypted with TripleDES 192-bit security, helping organizations achieve compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

Searchable PDF Module

The RightFax Searchable PDF Module uses optical character recognition (OCR) to convert sent and received fax images to searchable text. Instantly identify and retrieve the fax(es) you need by searching for keywords instead of reading through hundreds or thousands of pages.

Bar Code Routing Module

The RightFax Bar Code Routing Module automatically routes inbound faxes by reading a bar code on the cover sheet or first page of a document. By minimizing user intervention, businesses will see increased productivity.


FaxPulse gives RightFax administrators the ability to easily view and understand channel usage, fax conversion processing, peak fax periods, identify chronic fax errors, and helps with understanding the overall health of the RightFax system(s) and fax communications services.


RightFax fax servers offer a comprehensive set of add-ons that allow you to turn faxes into part of an electronic workflow to speed processing and handling of the content that drives your business.

In our next chapter, we’ll take a look at the connectors for multi-function printers (MFPs) and show how organizations can significantly benefit from faxing with MFPs via a native or universal connection to the fax server


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