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Introduction to RightFax

Chapter 3: Receiving a Fax

Advantage Insights:

  • Understand the intelligent inbound fax routing capabilities of OpenText RightFax Fax Server
  • Learn how to use intelligent routing rules to capture and electronically deliver inbound fax documents

Receiving a Fax

RightFax automates and optimizes fax-triggered business processes by enabling organizations to electronically receive and route inbound fax documents directly to the appropriate people or systems needed to fulfill business transactions.

Delivery Methods / Routing Methods
RightFax can search the content of an incoming fax and route the fax based on its recognized characters. This is particularly important to those organizations that use account numbers, barcodes or other identifying fields in their fax content.

  • Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR): Converts images of text in received faxes into standard, editable text files.
  • Barcode Recognition and Routing (routes faxes based on barcode data): Barcode information is included in the fax history record and routes based on routing rules.
  • XML Export: A process by which the fax server application outputs fax image files and metadata in XML format. These can be imported into an XML-compatible document management system, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.

RightFax FaxUtil is a comprehensive desktop application for users of OpenText RightFax.

Within RightFax FaxUtil, users can create, view, edit, and print faxes, along with a number of other useful features for managing fax traffic.

FaxUtil Web
A web-based client that allows for a reduction of the required effort to support RightFax on hundreds or sometimes thousands of desktops.

Deliverable File Types
Using RightFax, faxes can be sent as attachments in the most popular formats including:

  • PDF’s
  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • PostScript files

Additionally, RightFax will send email notifications with an image / pdf attachment of the fax depending on your configuration.

End users have the option in FaxUtil to manage who has access to their personal fax mailbox by granting a delegate permission to manage faxes (send, read, delete). Audit trails will show who the actual sender is, even when sent as a delegate which is useful for a group or shared fax inboxes.

Benefits of Inbound Routing with RightFax

The intelligent inbound fax routing capabilities of OpenText Fax Server enables organizations to:

Improve response times
Initiate business processes and speed up customer service by routing inbound faxes directly to the people and systems needed to accurately complete transactions and answer customer inquiries.

Shorten the business cycle
Accelerate order fulfillment and reduce days sales outstanding by instantaneously routing documents directly to the people and systems needed to complete business transactions.

Reduce costs
Cut costs by eliminating the equipment, supplies and labor associated with manual fax-handling. Use staff more effectively Provide desktop access to inbound faxes and stop chasing down paper-based faxes.

Eliminate lost or mishandled faxes
Use intelligent routing rules to capture and electronically deliver inbound fax documents directly to the person, department or system that needs it, when they need it.

Support compliance and enhance security
Safeguard document privacy and support compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPM) and other regulations by providing electronic routing and audit trail of regulated documents.

Incoming Faxing Workflows / Inbound Routing
RightFax can serve as an on ramp to the inbound workflow process to provide an efficient routing mechanism to direct documents to their final destinations within an organization.

  • Primary routing method for RightFax is routing based on the phone number dialed
  • Administrators can set up rules to automatically use the telephony information associated with the inbound fax for routing purposes
  • Types of telephony information include DID (Direct Inward Dialing Routing), DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service Routing), DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency Routing), ANI (Automatic Number Identification Routing), CSID (Called Subscriber Identification Routing)
  • Secondary routing options include delivery faxes to an individual’s email inbox, individual user’s fax inbox, a network folder, back-end workflow systems, vertical applications, content management systems, storage systems, MFP devices or printers, Smart Fax Distribution, or members of a user group.

Fax Automation
The intelligent inbound fax routing capabilities of OpenText Fax Server enables organizations to integrate seamlessly with the back-office applications (ECM, CRM, ERP, EMR/EHR, etc.) that produce batch-oriented documents.

As a result, RightFax ingests the document from the back-office system, creates and formats the documents and then delivers them as individual faxes, complete with notifications of delivery status and a traceable audit trail.


With the power of a RightFax system, your organization can leverage the same integrations for sending faxes to allow faxes to be delivered to a number of network locations, including email accounts, MFP devices, network folders, and back-end systems.

In our next chapter, we’ll review the workflow for sending a fax and how you can utilize some of the outbound features of RightFax to improve your workflow efficiency.


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