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Introduction to RightFax

Chapter 4: Sending a Fax

Advantage Insights:

  • Explain how you can configure dialing rules to specify the fax number and restrictions
  • Demonstrate the available methods to send a fax using RightFax

Sending a Fax


Print to Fax

In RightFax, Print to Fax allows a document to be securely faxed in the same way that a document is printed from any Windows-based application, such as Microsoft Office. Simply select “File” then “Print.” At that point, a dialog box pops-up which allows you to enter all the required faxing information.  With integrated fax software, users can be where they need to be to focus on the task at hand, rather than being anchored down by traditional faxing methods.

Email to Fax

RightFax makes faxing via email quick and easy. RightFax is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and SMTP email clients. RightFax also integrates with your cloud email solution including Google Apps and Office 365. Email to Fax joins the power of fax with the familiarity of email, helping enterprises achieve their unified messaging goals securely while improving communication efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Multi-function Printers (MFPs)

MFP integrations are especially important if there is a paper document that needs to be faxed. By scanning the document on a connected MFP, the scanned copy becomes an electronic document that can then be sent via the fax server. The use of multi-function printers is growing, and organizations can significantly benefit from faxing with MFPs via a native or universal connection to the fax server. Ideal applications include scan-to-fax and auto-print upon receipt of a fax when paper-based processes are still required.

Outbound Dialing Rules

RightFax can configure dialing rules to specify the fax number and then attach rules and restrictions to faxes whose destination fax number matches that pattern.

Examples include:

  • Automatically append a “9” to all outbound fax numbers
  • Specify that some fax traffic is sent “after hours” so fax lines are not tied up during business hours
  • Destination tables allow users to customize outbound dialing rules
  • Block numbers based on digits dialed

RightFax offers two types of connectors: Universal (SMTP & XML-based) and named (Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta, and HP specific). With either type of connector, you effectively add RightFax fax send capability to the MFP without the need to have dedicated analog lines connected to each device or to purchase expensive embedded MFP fax kits. Organizations with a large fleet of MFPs can use a single RightFax Server to easily transmit documents from multiple MFPs rather than maintaining individual phone lines for each individual MFP.


When you integrate RightFax with email, desktop applications, and MFPs, you can send faxes from a number of different sources securely with custom integration options allowing for nearly limitless RightFax integration opportunities.

In our next chapter, we’ll learn how to increase the power of RightFax’s core offering to provide additional functionality and workflow enablement.


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