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Introduction to Workflow

Chapter 4: Handling Inbound Faxes

Advantage Insights:

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of automated inbound transitional processes
  • Review examples of how documents can be processed for inbound delivery
  • Explain how the Workflow Platform for RightFax can shorten processing times while reducing compliance issues


The Challenge

Many healthcare organizations continue to use faxes as an established, reliable and easy to consume solution to capture scanned documents from a wide customer audience. Centralized electronic faxing also facilitates HIPAA compliance, and helps meet health insurance and Medicare requirements for documentation.

Organizations receiving thousands of multi-page faxes per day, most of them patient orders, may find themselves processing orders, which may include determining eligibility, qualification, order confirmation, order placement, time confirmation, routing and arranging delivery of equipment, and the subsequent documentation, storage and tracking for compliance and customer service.

The Solution

With the Workflow Platform for RightFax, fax orders are now automatically received by multiple redundant back-end applications accessible enterprise-wide, and documents are categorized and indexed by appropriate branch queues and document type. Misplaced faxes and errors in processing have been drastically reduced. Processing times have also been shortened, which improves patient care while reducing compliance issues.

The system is also able to manage faxes when other backend systems are down. The Workflow Platform for RightFax provides exception handling to avoid lost orders, and to prevent a drop-in service level agreements (SLAs).

With our workflow solution, healthcare organizations can maximize the availability of paper, fax and email documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents and allowing for immediate access to the latest medical record content.

Financial / Education

The Challenge

Students with special needs are legally required to have personalized education plans known as Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). In order to plan for the following school year or semester, parents and physicians must provide consent, and authorize testing so that a proper IEP can be created. The appropriate forms and documents are sent to them for approval signatures, and in the past, there were problems with the documentation procedures. 

Some of the issue included the following:

  1. Receiving thousands of individual faxes per day, with some containing multiple barcodes. Processing these documents often required over a week for review and approval.
  2. Paper documents and faxes required careful review to ensure that signed authorization forms were properly matched with the correct student information.
  • Burdensome processes were involved when students transferred to new schools or districts. Historical information as well as signed documents had to move with them.
  1. It was hard to find documentation for audits.
  2. Security issues existed due to the improper storage of documents, and access to the wrong party.

School districts wanting to expedite authorization and provide a more secure method of processing IEPs needed a solution that could properly handle the documents being received.

The Solution

The Workflow Platform for RightFax features advanced bar code rules for document indexing and separation, and the integration with forms processing and/or document capture and classification software to speed and automate order processing, and the reassembly of completed documents after forms processed.  All processes and integration in the Workflow Platform for RightFax and faxing occurs automatically in the background.

By improving the quality and availability of information, educational organizations can increase staff productivity and satisfaction while simultaneously improving revenue cycles by providing claims information more quickly and accurately.


The Challenge

Health insurance organizations providing extensive support network to handles incoming orders from healthcare professionals, distributors and retailers often need a faster and more responsive process to handle orders that arrived via fax. Existing manual processes may be unsustainable with problems including:

  • Manual identification and routing of fax orders that requires substantial labor burden coupled with overtime costs. This results in order processing delays that may impact SLA’s (and result in fines).
  • Tedious and repetitive work led to low staff morale and higher turn-over. Skilled labor was being required to do unskilled tasks.
  • Faxes required manual handling from too many CSR’s. Orders were often delayed or missed, improperly categorized, believed to be processed, not expedited to the proper account manager or team, or improperly delegated to account managers that had already left for the day.

The Solution

The Workflow Platform for RightFax automation leverages both the Caller ID (ANI) and CSID information to uniquely identify fax events associated with SAP customer account information via a database lookup. Faxes are automatically monitored, categorized, and indexed, then within seconds routed by email to account management teams with detailed customer information included. Faxes are also stored in RightFax by territory teams and account reps, and include updated account data from SAP in custom fields. Reps can locate orders quickly by account, and in addition orders can be automatically prioritized by time-zone for same day processing, and even automatically handed off to other West Coast teams for faxes arriving after East Coast closing hours.

With automated document delivery, the Workflow Platform for RightFax easily automates inbound transitional processes that must support both paper and electronic information with a flexible router client that enables employees to view inbound documents and perform indexing, validation or workflow tasks, as well as complete complex actions.


The Workflow Platform for RightFax can handle and maximize the availability of paper, fax and email documents by automatically routing and processing them as electronic documents and allowing for immediate access to business-critical documents. With automated document delivery, the Workflow Platform for RightFax easily automates inbound transitional processes that must support both paper and electronic information.

In our next chapter, we’ll review use cases for outbound faxing workflows using the Workflow Platform for RightFax including mass outbound faxing of unique business documents. 

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