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Introduction to Workflow

Chapter 5: Preparing Outbound Faxes

Advantage Insights:

  • Analyze use cases of document-intensive workflows that need an automation tool
  • Provide a solution for substantial volumes of critical faxes that can cause real strains and bottlenecks

Use Cases

Organizations that rely on document-intensive workflows need an automation tool that can securely send those critical documents while maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. By adopting a document delivery workflow solution, your organization can ensure it can continue to drive automation and optimization of transmitted documents.

The Workflow Platform for RightFax has an extended feature set allowing embedded directives to perform more complex document assembly and “programmatic” post-processing instructions, rather than just simple and static document delivery. In other words, when delivering a batch of fax documents to multiple recipients, the contents of every document are different for each recipient, based on the embedded fields and commands within the document or meta data. Customers in healthcare, financial services and other document intensive businesses have used the Workflow Platform for RightFax to process tens of millions of outbound documents and faxes into complex workflows that require synchronization with multiple third-party systems.

With the Workflow Platform for RightFax, organization can utilize:

  • Barcode generation, detection and parsing for reliable, accurate indexing of both 1D and 2D barcodes even under harsh receipt conditions, plus barcode stamping to add key identifying information to an outbound document; when the signed document is returned, the system already knows where it goes.
  • Single/multi- page TIFF/PDF support and file separation to enable each document to be delivered to different locations in different formats according to business rules.
  • Automatic overlay of dynamic data fields from multiple sources for both inbound and outbound documents.
  • Intelligent “retries” to control subsequent attempts to send a fax document based on whether the line is busy, a human answers or the number is not valid.

The Workflow Platform for RightFax provides a combination of features, functionality and price unmatched by any other solution on the market. It can introduce easy automation to outbound business processes to improve automation for transitional business processes that must support both paper and electronic information.

Additionally, the Workflow Platform for RightFax has its own suite of capabilities for API support, used for document assembly and delivery to fax, email, print and other electronic destinations.  These are above and beyond its C#,web service and RESTful API’s. Specifically, customer environments can output SMTP, XML, Text Files, Named Files, and more, and the Workflow Platform for RightFax can extract a wider set of data and instructions to act upon.

The Workflow and Document Distribution solutions for RightFax can support third party cloud and premise business applications, and the platform can exist in-premise, in the cloud or in AWS or Azure, and in hosted environments.

Mass Outbound Faxing of Unique Business Documents

Many organizations have various departments that rely heavily on substantial volumes of critical faxes that can cause real strains and bottlenecks to RightFax. Organizations sending thousands of faxes a day may require a specific set of guidelines to effectively deliver large batches of faxes without impacting priority fax traffic in production. To address those concerns, the Workflow Platform for RightFax offer the following functionality: 

Mail Merge

A powerful tool that allows you to easily print Windows-based reports and mail-merge documents to large batches of recipients with Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office, accounting packages, quoting systems, mortgage applications, contact managers, CRM systems and custom applications, and perform broadcast management for easy tracking and job control.

Broadcast Fax Management

The Fax Broadcast Manager, with mail-merge support, forms overlay of data and bar codes, and advanced database integrations for real-time and scheduled document delivery from back-office business systems. Broadcast management permits full list management, do-not-send management, automated list cleanup, queue management (to eliminate burdens on RightFax such as conversions or backed-up queues), custom retry rules based on error code, and job control (including starting and stopping an existing broadcast).   


Organizations can drive automation and optimization of transmitted documents by adopting the Workflow Platform for RightFax a workflow tool that can securely send those critical documents while maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations.

In our final chapter, we’ll review how third-party applications can be integrated with the Workflow Platform for RightFax with custom configurations and customization.


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