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Introduction to Workflow

Chapter 3: Role Management & Security

Advantage Insights:

  • Explain the three basic ways that faxes are digitally transmitted
  • Introduce the benefits and key characteristics of OpenText RightFax
  • Differentiate between the contrasting deployment options for RightFax


Quality healthcare is driven by accurate, timely information in a myriad of formats: Patients fill out paper intake forms, labs send electronic reports, doctors send past care records by fax — the list goes on. Any one of these documents can drive an important medical decision or business process, so it is vital for the information to be handled quickly, accurately and securely by the right person.

In this example, we’re going to walk through a workflow that involves the processing of prescriptions at a central pharmacy that is part of a large medical complex. In this workflow, we’ll see how the Workflow Platform for RightFax supports receiving orders from different provider categories such as In-Network Pharmacies, Pharmacies outside the network, and in the hospital’s in house Pharmacy, while maintaining the document security required by state and federal regulations.

The key players:

  • Pharmacy Administrator
  • Pharmacy Nurse

To begin, requests from patients for refills arrive to the hospital via their fax server solution, RightFax, and also arrive as file drops from scanner-copiers (from the internal pharmacy) instead of printed paper.   Faxes and scanned documents are automatically retrieved and processed by the Workflow Platform for RightFax

The hospital’s e-prescription system is also integrated with the Workflow Platform for RightFax in such a way that all the e-prescription and fax information is saved in the administrator’s “To Review” queue, which can be shared and allocated to several users in a workflow, including remote users if needed.

Data that is bar coded, like patient and physician details, can automatically be prefilled into the workflow.  Caller ID data is also passed from the original fax, which can act as a lookup to automatically suggest the fax back number for responses, as well as provider and pharmacy details. The Workflow system for RightFax can also separate orders into separate documents, as it is common for a single fax transmission to include multiple orders.

Responses are sent back to the appropriate pharmacy by fax or file/print delivery, including additional  annotated responses from the nurse for approval and denial, and even barcoded documents can be supplied for interactive follow up (such as requests for more information). It is important to note that the Workflow Platform for RightFax also shows a “fax back” queue to monitor outbound fax responses corresponding to original inbound events, and history and fax references keep track of RightFax Unique ID’s.  These are even shown within the event details columns and history in FaxUtil, so the customer can correlate responses and track unsuccessful responses to an original prescription. This also provides an audit trail.

Faxes are managed based on user queues, both for data-entry administrators and routers, and subsequently for nurses.  Queues are separated in separate workflows by department and function, mainly for In House Pharmacies, In Network Pharmacies, and Out of Network Pharmacies.

The administrator has online access to information such as patient name, physician name and DOB. All this information can now be reviewed, amended and processed by the administrator and then sent on to the nurse as the last step of the approval (or denial) process. All this data is saved in the hospitals Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, and as each document is completed, the administrator is presented with the next document in the queue.

Faxes are automatically stamped with patient MRN# and processing time, and the document also includes nurses’ detailed audit trail stamps with details about the approval/denial, thus incorporating better audit trails. Approvals are in green and denials in red for easy identification. Faxes are stored as PDF’s with file names and folders automatically created using the meta-data from the workflow, which are available for indexing as well as for storage into content management systems. Many tasks can be fully automated, such as storage into the ECM system naming files, adding indexes, stamping documents, or creating audit trails.

With the Workflow Platform, consistency and accuracy of data and the overall process is much improved. The speed required to ensure refill requests are filled has increased dramatically with faxes,  documents are no longer lost, and administrators and nurses now have more time to focus on patient care.


With the Workflow Platform, vital information is handled quickly, accurately and securely by the right person. Providing increased speed and accuracy of transmitted data, your organization can ensure that documents are no longer lost, and administrators now have more time to focus on the task at hand.

In our next chapter, we’ll walkthrough the inbound document delivery challenges found is various industries including healthcare, financial, and education and how the Workflow Platform for RightFax addresses these challenges.


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