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Introduction to Workflow

Chapter 6: Software Integrations

Advantage Insights:

  • Highlight the key differences between product configurations and custom development
  • Provide examples of the pre-built connectors available with the Workflow Platform for RightFax

Configurations vs. Custom Development

With the continued adoption of digital transformation, many organizations are looking at how to manage the digital automation that has provided opportunities to move away from the costly infrastructure, and simplify the management of services across their enterprise.

Across enterprise organizations, one of the main themes has been a top down push from IT executive leadership to move to either develop custom integrations that improve the flow of business-critical documents, or configure a feature or extension to existing software.  While either of these strategies can be done effectively with our team, it’s important to know the benefits of each method before diving in:



  • Flexibility to handle most business needs
  • Shorter, lower cost implementation period
  • Scalability and path to modernization
  • On-demand exception management
  • On premise control w/SaaS type toolset built-in

Custom Development


  • Flexibility to handle any business need
  • On-premise solution
  • Individual specifications and builds to each individual / customer situation

Examples of Pre-built Connectors

Pre-built and configurable connectors to integrate with EHR, document management, ECM, CRM, ERP and database applications such as existing and proposed connectors for:

  • Most Customer Business Applications having an API
  • Microsoft SQL and most other database systems
  • SharePoint and SharePoint Online
  • MS Exchange and O365
  • IBM Content Manager and many other ECM and Document Management Systems
  • com and other CRM’s
  • Siebel
  • IBM Merge RIS and other Healthcare solutions on-premise and in the cloud
  • Forms Processing and Document Capture Applications
  • Single sign-on support and integration of cloud and premise solutions, even in AWS and Azure
  • and more.

In the end, remember that whether your organization needs different levels of customization, pre-built connectors, or complex configurations, our team we’ll take the time to get to know not only your project, but your organization to suggest the right solutions to accomplish your goals.


The Workflow Platform for RightFax is a game-changing platform for automating such document-intensive business transactions and processes. It provides a combination of features, functionality and price unmatched by any other solution on the market and can introduce easy automation to business processes that still receive mostly paper and fax documents. If your organization relies on document-intensive workflows, the Workflow Platform for RightFax can improve automation for transitional business processes that must support both paper and electronic information.

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