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Trusted Partner: Cloudli

Smarter cloud telephony. Learn how Cloudli T.38 connectivity makes fax faster and more secure for healthcare, government, and more. 

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Communications for the future of work 

Cloudli has been at the forefront of digital communications innovation for 40 years, creating groundbreaking technologies aimed at connecting the world in the digital age. (add more) 

Their T.38 SIP trunks provide next-level security and availability over voice SIP trunks that do not support T.38. Most importantly, they eliminate the need for outdated analog or digital PRI connections to your PTSN.  Additionally, Cloudli SIP trunks offer full scalability for enterprise-level organizations, so you never have to worry about volume and availability as you grow. 

Through Cloudli, we are able to connect virtually any RightFax server configuration to the PTSN to provide real-time fax over your internet connection with secure AES encryption. 

    RightFax is the industry standard for enterprise fax solutions. As the fax experts, we’ve helped thousands of organizations configure their RightFax system to fit their current and future network needs.

    A closer look: Cloudli T.38 SIP trunking 

    Cloudli’s T.38 real-time IP fax offers distinct advantages for healthcare organizations, as well as other industries that rely on secure, uninterrupted fax service. Three of these unique advantages are listed below:

    Their patented SIP Trunks utilize T.38 real-time Internet fax protocol, which transmits data in real time as opposed to store and forward solutions. T.38 protocol optimizes delivery success, maximizing successful transmissions while minimizing retry attempts. Real-time IP fax provides confirmation immediately, so you’ll know instantly if the transmission failed or succeeded. With built-in online monitoring and resolutions, IT departments can also easily detect and assess connectivity issues as they occur.

    Cloudli offers AES encryption that secures the entire communication session. AES encryption is especially lightweight, which means it avoids the traffic overhead that leads to fax failures. Additionally, because Cloudli T.38 IP fax transmits in real-time, there is no need for middleman technology which stores information in transit. Your data is safe from hacking or dropping since it flows directly from server to server.

    Lastly, Cloudli T.38 SIP Trunks allows enterprises of all sizes to plan and scale according to their goals, without the need for additional infrastructure. This makes it easy to scale up or down without downtime or additional stress on your network. Best of all, your fax numbers can remain the same, so there your staff and business can continue to operate without disruption. 

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    Advantage Technologies and Cloudli 

    Together with Cloudli, we have helped hundreds of healthcare, government, and other regulated industries optimize their RightFax systems. As a trusted partner, their expertise is critical to our success and the success of our clients as they migrate away from outdated telephony into the future of fax. 

    As the experts on RightFax and enterprise-grade digital fax solutions, our goal is to provide you with the best possible configuration for your current and future needs. We partner with industry-leading providers like Cloudli to ensure your RightFax software can perform at the highest level while simplifying your overall network requirements. 

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